Day Ten

Okay, so I have gotten better in my desire to encourage my husband. I sometimes falter, but I am truly working on it. It is day 10 and I am supposed to encourage my husband by admiring his attractiveness. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I think my husband is fine. I wouldn’t be with an ugly duckling. He is sexy. I love the way he laughs, smiles and just seems to light up a room. He was a romantic person, however, after being with me for so long, he seems to have lost his ability to romance. It is by no means his fault; after all I do make it very hard on him to show his romantic side with my selfish ways. We have committed to working on our marriage and putting it first, so I am working on my attitude. I want the romance again and I didn’t really appreciate it until it was gone. Lee is trying though, the other day he got me the most romantic card ever. I was so moved reading it, I wanted to turn around and kiss him passionately. That just made me think that I haven’t made a new year’s resolution: To bring passion back. In my marriage and life, I need to be more passionate. I encourage everyone to do the same. If we were all passionate about things, we would be in a better place.


Day Six

Okay, so I admit it. Sometimes I falter. I am after all only human. However, I have tried to be encouraging of Lee. I am pregnant and sometimes I speak without thinking. These dang hormones have manipulated my body. I appear to be losing my tact. So, I sat in church yesterday praying for tact and that they Lord will allow me to speak with a bridled tongue. Not sure if it worked, but it is Day Six in my 30 day challenge and I am supposed to recognize his creativity. Lee is very creative. He is a musical genius. I say this with sincerity. He knows a lot more than the average person about music. He has a huge cd collection that he loves more than his wife. He spends every waking moment when he is not at work, on-line downloading music and movies. I’m not sure why, but it may have something to do with his creative process. So, here’s to you baby….I support and believe in your creativity.