Mutterings of a Four Year Old

It’s been a full three weeks since we took Brennan’s binky away.  Can you believe that he hasn’t asked for it at all?  I was so shocked that when I told my mom, she couldn’t believe it.  She had me convinced that Brennan would need a “binky patch” similar to a nicotine patch to break his addiction for his binky.  But, thankfully he didn’t.  I attribute this success to the fact that I didn’t succumb to the pressure of other folks (doctors, dentists and people who don’t know my son) by telling me to take it away now.  Brennan wasn’t ready.  I prepared this take-away by announcing on a regular basis, that you’re going to be four and when you’re four, you can’t suck a binky because binky’s are for babies.  I think more than anything, that he finally figured it out and accepted that he was too old for his binky and that he really didn’t need it.  

So, since it’s been almost a month since he turned four, I decided to share some of his mutterings, stories and sayings.  Brennan has always been a child who knows what he wants, but sometimes it can stress even the most sane parent when he goes on and on.  You will see.  Here are a few of our stories:

When getting Brennan ready for bed…

“Mommy, look at my wee-wee.”  I replied, “It’s a penis Brennan, not a wee-wee.” He restated, “No, it’s a wee-wee.”  I looked at him and said, “What’s wrong with it Brennan?”  He replied, “It looks like a brown crayon.”

When learning to share…

“Brennan, you need to learn to share your stuff.  Don’t make people ask you for something.  You need to offer to share first.” Brennan looked at me and said, “But, Mommy I don’t want to share. It’s mine and why can’t they get their own.”

When asking me where I’m going…

“Mommy, where are you going?” “No where Brennan.”  Five minutes pass and he asks, “Mommy, where are you going?” “No where Brennan.”  Five more minutes pass and he asks again, “Mommy, where are you going?” “No where Brennan and you better not ask me again  where I’m going or I will leave.” He looks at me and then turns to his dad and asks, “Daddy, where is Mommy going?”

Lesson learned from Tyler…

It was Christmas and we were gathered at my mom’s  house for dinner and presents.  Our friend, Shon and his son Tyler stopped by for dinner.  Brennan was wrestling with his cousins when he put his favorite toy, his stuffed puppy on the ground.  Tyler walked over and picked up the puppy and began to play with it.  Brennan saw this and began to scream, “No, that’s my puppy!”  Shon said to Tyler, “Tyler, you know that’s Brennan’s favorite toy, can you please give it back to him?”  Tyler paused and then replied..”No Daddy, Brennan needs to learn to share.”

Lesson learned from Genesis (The Bible)

When talking with Brennan about all the wonderful things God created, he became fascinated.  We talked about God creating the lions, tigers, birds, heaven and Earth.  Brennan said, “Mommy, God created puppies too (as he holds up his stuffed dog, aka Puppy Thomas)” I said, “Yes, Brennan, God created puppies too.”

Brennan sees a “wolf”

My nail technician brings his dog in during the week.  He has the most beautiful, well behaved dog.  He’s white and weighs about 30 pounds.  I’m not sure what breed he may be, but he will just quietly sit and wait for them to finish.  Well, one day I had to bring Brennan to the nail salon with me.  He sees the dog, and yells out “Oh, no Mommy.  Look it’s a wolf!” Everyone in the salon laughed.  I reply, “Brennan, it’s just a white dog.  It’s not a wolf!” He replied, “No, you’re wrong Mommy, it’s a wolf and his name is Harold.  Harold the wolf.  Don’t be scared Mommy, I will protect you.”  Everyone in the salon laughed.

Brennan and the gift

Brennan is now at the point where he loves how you react to him when he makes something for you.  Well, for Mother’s Day, he painted the most beautiful picture at day care.  I told him  how much I loved the picture and I was going to get it framed.  I told him thank you so much and he started to cry because I loved it so much.  The next day, he went to church school.  They had his class create Mother’s Day cards for their moms.  Brennan handed me the card when I came to pick him up.  I smiled and said, “It was the most beautiful card I had ever received and thank you.”  He said, “Mommy, it’s a present for you.  I made a present for you.”  I said, “Thank you love.”  Over the next four days, Brennan would repeatedly say, “Mommy, it’s a present for you.  I made a present for you.”  He said it a total of 35 times.  I would reply, “I know sweetheart.  It’s beautiful.  Thank you.”  Well, when he said it for the 36th time, I said, “Brennan, I know you made the beautiful card for me.  I love it.  But, if you tell me one more time that you made a present for me, I’m going to scream.”  He looked at me and then turned to his dad and said, “Daddy look!  I made a present for Mommy.”  My husband laughed and said, “Son, it’s beautiful.”