In My Father’s Arms

This past week has been hectic in the Thomas household.  Lee has been away at a conference and Brennan and I flew home to Tennessee to visit my family.  It was lonesome without daddy and I had to pick up the slack.  I hate flying solo because I can never get anywhere on time when it’s just Brennan and I.  I survived though and was able to feed, bathe, clothe, do homework and get our child off to day care each day.  

Flying with Brennan was an adventure.  Our flight left early Saturday morning (6 am) and we got virtually no sleep.  We landed in Memphis and drove an hour and half to my grandma’s house.  We arrived exhausted and dead on our feet.  It didn’t take long for us to get caught up with the latest family gossip, eat ourselves silly, meet relatives we’ve never seen and settle into our vacation mode.  That time flew by quickly and we were exhausted.  That country air can make you sleep for days.

It was a short trip that left us both missing home (grandma doesn’t have Wi-fi) and yet longing to stay and reconnect with everyone.  While there, Brennan started to cough and his cheeks started to turn red.  Brennan was catching a cold.  I was trying to head it off by giving him his breathing treatments (yes, I brought the nebulizer) every four hours.  Needless to say, it didn’t worked. By the time we were driving back to the airport, he was in full-on cold mode. Crying, red cheeks and coughing.  No wheezing in his lungs, but the cough was hard on his little body.  I stopped by Walgreen’s before we hit the airport to get him some cough drops and children’s Advil.  I knew it was going to be a rough flight back.

We had a delay in Memphis because our plane hadn’t arrived and Brennan was wanting to lay on the floor and sleep.  We got to Atlanta and had time to kill before our next flight and I was able to get him to eat a little something at the Blues & Brew bar in the airport (yep, I took my 4 year old to the bar).  We waited at our gate and that flight was delayed as well.  It was shaping up into a long night.  Brennan slept on the plane and didn’t want to get up, but we had to get up and go to the garage and get the car.  He was in good spirits.  He was happy to be going home. He asked to sleep with me and I agreed.  We got dressed for bed and I gave him a breathing treatment.  He asked for some juice to help take the taste out of his mouth from his breathing treatment and I complied.  We laid down and he started to toss and turn.  I asked him to lay on an incline to help keep his lungs open.  I felt his head and his fever had returned.  I gave him two more Advil and he cried because he hated the taste of the Advil.  Next thing I knew, Brennan started to vomit all over me and the bed.  He started to scream, “I’m sorry Mommy.  I didn’t mean to.”  I said, “Brennan, I know you didn’t.” I was thoroughly disgusted, but cleaned him off, changed the sheets and cleaned off myself.  We settled in bed again and he vomited again.  Puke lingered in the air as I proceeded through the process of cleaning him up and the vomit again. It was gross and I pushed back the need to vomit myself and focused on my crying child. 

When we finally settled back down it was 3 am and I was exhausted.  Brennan went into a fitful sleep and proceeded to cry out in his sleep.  I asked him, “What’s wrong?” He replied, “I’m scared and I miss my daddy.” I began to comfort him with my arms telling him that there is no reason to be scared and I miss daddy too and I promise, he will be home later that evening.  I rocked my crying child back to sleep in my arms with tears in my eyes thinking about all sorts of things.  What if my son, cried out for God like he did Lee?  What would I do?  Would he know how to get on his hands and knees and open his heart to pray and receive His message?  My heart ached.  I wanted to protect this little boy from all his bad dreams.  But, there are some things even a mother can’t do.  I prayed for my husband’s safe return and thanked God for all He has done and continues to do.  Where would I be if my Heavenly Father hadn’t rocked me in arms and comforted me all those times when I cried out in fear?


Trick or Treat (Post Sandy)

Sandy, the super-storm that took the east coast by surprise with it’s velocity and damage last week, didn’t affect the Marylanders as much as our fellow citizens up North.  Thankfully, we preserved and with only trees down, we didn’t lose power.  This storm came at the worst time because the country was gearing up for the election and Halloween. 

Halloween is a big deal in the Thomas family. It’s an opportunity for me to buy two great costumes based on Brennan’s personality and then dress him up so that I can get the cutest flicks of him parading in school and of course on Halloween night.  This year, that almost didn’t happen.  Add a hurricane and my sister’s scheduled c-section and we had disaster waiting to happen.  Thankfully, we were spared and my sister delivered her baby girl, my new niece, on the Tuesday before Halloween.  My son had two awesome costumes…Super Why and Lightening McQueen.

Brennan had a blast trick or treating and when asked, “Did you have fun?” he replied, “Yes, all I did was say trick or treat and they gave me candy!” Oh, the joys of being four.

Here are some flicks from school and a Halloween party he attended the weekend before: