Faith Doubters

Recently I heard a friend say to me that “God must truly hate him.”  I was taken aback by his statement and wondered why he would say something like that. Why did he believe that God had singled him out and decided that he hated him because he had to go through trials and tribulations?

Sometimes when we are in the midst of our storm, we can’t see the goodness of God’s grace because we keep trying to get out of the valley.  I explained to him that God doesn’t hate you and that if He did, I wouldn’t be here. Because as a child of God, I believe that he sometimes uses ordinary people like me to minister to those who may be down on their faith sometimes.  I told him he was being a faith doubter. Someone who has doubts that their faith in God is genuine.  I explained to him that what he needed was to develop an authentic relationship (as spoken by my wonderful Pastor)with God and understand that having faith doesn’t mean that your are immune to trials and tribulations.  Your faith will always be attacked and tested, but you can’t let that stop your praise.  Praise must continually be in your mouth when your faith is being tested.  I told him that our God is a God of second and third chances and that if he truly knew my story, he would know why I continually say thank you.  So, I surrounded him in love and prayer and lifted up his name in prayer.  I reminded him how awesome our God is.  Our God is great!

Sometimes when you are doubting your faith, it helps to have a friend or friends that are praying for you to get through your storm so you will learn the lesson and know that God never gives you more than you can bear.  I’m thankful that I have had many folks do that for me and blessed that God allowed me to do that for someone else.  I found these great Do’s & Dont’s about getting through difficult times that I shared with him and I want to share with you when you are doubting your faith.  These are from one of my favorite websites,


Be Vigilant – don’t hide under a rock when life gets tough. This is the time to Courage UP; face it, and learn whatever you must to DO what’s necessary.
Be Wise -never stop learning and applying what you know. There’s a huge difference between awareness and application. The difference in how your circumstances turn out is hugely based on what you do, not what you know to do.
Be Set Apart – When you’re thinking like the herd it’s a good sign that you’re in deep doodoo. The herd takes the path of least resistance. You have to be willing to stand alone – to separate yourself from the chaos – from the company you keep to the noise in your head. You can’t think average or behave according to what’s expected by the herd.
Be not distracted – whatever has happened is to coexist with as much normalcy as you can muster. Whatever predominates your mind, reigns. Practice peace; it’s king.
Be not dismayed – after the initial hurt, even shock which you have to sit with in order to become present with your new reality, you must not lose faith in rebounding; resilience is built here. Courage UP: verbally reassure yourself that “this too shall pass” and “I can handle this” because it will and you can.
Be not discouraged – when it’s over don’t argue with the results. Accept them. That includes whatever your new reality is. The life ahead of you with your new conditions will draw you like a magnet if you’ll embrace it. There’s always a beautiful “life after”regardless of the storm you’re currently facing.

3 Dos and Don’ts For Getting Through Difficult Times of Life |


Halloween 2013: Jake & Sofia (Disney’s Finest)

It was another year of trick or treating success for the Thomas boy.  He always has the simplest ways to explain things:  All I say is trick or treat and they give me all the candies.  Cute right?  

He is too adorable and now that he is older, he is an active participant in picking out his costumes.  This year, he explained to me that he would like to be Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Many folks who don’t have kids or younger children who watch Disney Jr. had no idea who Jake was or what Brennan was supposed to be.  One woman swore he was Diego.  Nope, he wanted to be Jake and he told his best friend Lauren that she had to be Princess Sofia from Sofia the First.  

Jake is as a show based on Peter Pan whereby young pirates (Jake, Izzy, Cubby and their parrot Skully) spend their time competing against Captain Hook for treasure known as “gold to blooms”.  It is a great educational show and is only in it’s second season and I must tell you that my little love is hooked on this great show.  For those that don’t know what Jake or Sofia look like, here are some pictures:


Brennan was so excited to see Lauren as Sofia, that he said, “Mommy, I can’t wait to see Lauren in her costume.”  When he saw her he said, “Mommy, she is so beautiful”.  He always says Lauren is beautiful.
Here are photos of my Jake and his best friend Lauren who was Sofia the First along with his god-brother Reilly who was a pirate.