senile stress

Senile and Searching

Okay the weekend was pretty hectic for a pregnant woman. We went to the movies on Friday night, dinner at the Chart House with some friends on Saturday night and then we went to a retirement party for a family friend on Sunday. I was exhausted. But, something funny happened on Saturday. Talk about getting old and senile, Lee tells me as he is rubbing my belly, “They said that the fluid in the sac looks good and the blood flow in and out of the placenta is normal”. I responded: “Lee, I was there, I remember what the sonographer said on Thursday”.

So, Lee begins to stress me out with all his worries about me being put on bed rest. He begins a research campaign (much like his ALS diagnosis) to make me aware of the risks of pre-term labor. I yelled, “Lee you are stressing me out. Let’s not worry about anything until the doctor says so.”

We visit the OB today and Lee begins questioning the doctor about the possibility of me going into pre-term labor. The doctor explains, I had a patient who had a cervix shorter than yours and we put her in the hospital on bed rest for a week. She came out, resumed her normal activities and delivered at 37 weeks. He explained that less than 30% of patients with a shortened cervix deliver before 36 weeks. This was comforting to both Lee and I.


  1. Great to meet such a seasoned blogger 😉 Glad everything seem to have turned out well with your pregnancy. I’ve had two difficult ones myself and know first hand that hubby is usually more stressful than the baby 😉 lol lol

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