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No Single Truth

Whew! This was rough for me today. The prompt is “No Single Truth”. Ugh! I hate religious conversations. Why? Because I’m a woman of faith. I’m a Christian. I love Christ. I don’t argue over religion or politics or frankly sex with anyone. I avoid those conversations with strangers and in mixed company.

Why? It’s polite, but more importantly…I don’t care. The thing is that I understand that free will is both a gift and a curse. So, choose wisely.

Lord knows that I’ve chosen badly many times but I do believe in the forgiveness of sin. I do believe that no matter how wrong I was that God saved me. He is the reason that we’re here.

You don’t believe it? Your choice. I believe that religion is the foundation for which we exist. You have to have faith. Faith in something. A higher power.

But, whether it is in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, or Buddhism, the thing is that some of us have different beliefs in our religion. But, does that make your religion wrong? Does it make my religion wrong? Who knows? I just know that many believe there is no single truth when it comes to religion.

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