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I’ve been hearing for the last few months that Brennan has a lisp. I tried to ignore it because I believed that Brennan would eventually get the correct pronunciation of the words as he got older. I didn’t want to pressure him into being a perfect speaker at the age of 3. But, Lee was worried that he needed to have his tongue clipped because the piece of skin connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth was too thick and preventing him from using his tongue correctly. Lee said he had to have it clicked. I reached out to Brennan’s pediatrician and she recommended that we see a speech therapist because they would be the one to recommend if he needed his tongue cut. For those of you who are unaware of what a lisp is:

“Lisping” is a lay term that describes the way a child mispronounces words. Typically, it refers to the “s” sound being produced like a “th” sound. So a sentence such as “My sister is seven” sounds like this: “My thithter ith theven.” While the “s” sound is normally produced with the tongue behind the top teeth, a child who lisps pushes the tongue out. – Patricia McAleer-Hamaguchi, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

I contacted a speech therapist in my health plan to make Brennan an appointment with Washington Speech. We were assigned to a speech therapist named Meghan. She was this cute woman with a cute short hair cut and Brennan took to her immediately. They sat down and worked through an initial speech assessment. Brennan did a great job. He has an extensive vocabulary for a 3 year old. She explained to me that Brennan has a frontal lisp. She said that she believes that his tongue just doesn’t know where to go and that she would work with him.

So, now we’re in speech therapy and trying to help Brennan understand the placement of his tongue in relation to words he’s trying to say. It is incredible to listen to his vocabulary expand, but it is also sad. My baby is growing up. A couple of weeks ago Brennan told Lee that owls are nocturnal and that he was nocturnal because he like the night too. I struggle with the fact that I may be pressuring my son to be a perfect in society’s eyes, when I know that he is already perfect in his parents eyes.

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