Trick or Treat (Post Sandy)

Sandy, the super-storm that took the east coast by surprise with it’s velocity and damage last week, didn’t affect the Marylanders as much as our fellow citizens up North.  Thankfully, we preserved and with only trees down, we didn’t lose power.  This storm came at the worst time because the country was gearing up for the election and Halloween. 

Halloween is a big deal in the Thomas family. It’s an opportunity for me to buy two great costumes based on Brennan’s personality and then dress him up so that I can get the cutest flicks of him parading in school and of course on Halloween night.  This year, that almost didn’t happen.  Add a hurricane and my sister’s scheduled c-section and we had disaster waiting to happen.  Thankfully, we were spared and my sister delivered her baby girl, my new niece, on the Tuesday before Halloween.  My son had two awesome costumes…Super Why and Lightening McQueen.

Brennan had a blast trick or treating and when asked, “Did you have fun?” he replied, “Yes, all I did was say trick or treat and they gave me candy!” Oh, the joys of being four.

Here are some flicks from school and a Halloween party he attended the weekend before:

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