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She Said What?

Last week Brennan came home and told me that Aria was upset because Jane made her mad and she said, “Jane has made me so angry.  I want to kill her.”  My heart stopped. What was going on during the aftercare program that he attended at school?  What is going on at home that these kids would know what killing is?  I was hurt.  We’ve tried our best to keep Brennan sheltered from violence because that is not our reality.  We monitor TV programming, activities, books and he doesn’t play video games.  We try to protect the innocence of our six year old for as long as we can.

But, I was mortified at what he had just said and took a deep breath before responding.  I told my love that Aria was wrong and that killing is bad.  I told him that we should never ever speak about taking someone’s life because that doesn’t honor God.  I explained that we honor God in every single house that he visits.  I explained that we are called upon to preach the awesome news that God saves and He is real.  That he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins and that killing is a sin.  He asked, “Will God be angry if we kill?”  “Yes, love because it is one of His commandments” was my reply. 

Explaining to my innocent little six year old son that killing is bad was horrifying for me.  You see my baby still believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  So, how could I give him the information necessary to stop the engagement of such dangerous conversations while trying to not recall the horrors of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Because that tragedy is still fresh in my mind.  I still pray for those families and I can’t imagine the void that violence created when they sent their child to school.  But, Sandy Hook isn’t the only tragedy we’ve suffered in our schools.  There’s the shooting in Philadelphiaat a high school, oh and let’s not forget Virginia Tech or Columbine.  The list is endless.  However, it shouldn’t be.

While I want to explain the need for stricter gun control laws, mental illness and the increase in violence in our schools to my six year old, I practice restraint.  I don’t want to overwhelm or scare the little boy who has an imaginary friend and believes that every child he plays with is destined to be his best friend.  A little boy that sees the world and wonders why did Jesus have to die on that cross?  A little boy who by his own teacher’s admission still has a childlike mind that is completely pure.  He hasn’t seen the horrors of this world and I pray that he never will.  But, I am talking to the Director of his after school program about monitoring the kid’s conversation. 

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