2016 halloween

It’s the First Day of Fall

I’m so excited. It’s the first day of fall and it’s a beautiful 82 degrees here in Maryland. I wish you many cool days and cool evenings with the leaves blowing at your feet. I wish you apple cider, cinnamon scones, pumpkin patches and a scary Halloween. I wish you a beautiful season where all your cares are minor.



  1. As much as I love the summer, I suppose fall is okay. I didn’t even know today was officially the 1st day of fall, I need to find a calendar and read up on things like this, LOl. I am missing out.


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  2. I had to laugh, the first post I happen to read on your blog mentioned apple cider, and as I read about it, I was in the middle of taking a sip of apple cider. I tried not to laugh, which would undoubtedly have ended up with apple cider everywhere. It’s the moments like these that remind me why I love connecting with other bloggers, and I’m so glad I found you!

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