8 Years Later

Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary. I sit back to reflect how things have changed in the 8 year’s that we have been married. A lot has changed, but many things remain the same. We are learning that each day that passes, you learn not to sweat the small stuff. We learn to recreate the special moments and languish in all that we have accomplished. God is supposed to be the head of the household and many times we didn’t put him there. We have learned that with God, all things are possible. Love doesn’t answer all, but it is the determination, mutual respect and your belief in marriage that sustains when there appears to be no hope. Loving God first and each other next helps your marriage stay on track.

When Lee and I decided to have children, it wasn’t easy. Our marriage was no where near perfect, but God has a sense of humor. He allowed Lee and I to get pregnant when we were least expecting it. He molded us into where we needed be his patience and love for us. We were able to rebuild and find strength to continue on this journey. The result has been nothing short of a miracle. We were able to receive one of our best blessings ever…Brennan. Trust that marriage is a journey where both people need to take turns driving down the winding road. It’s full of thorns, deer and road blocks, but the car ride is nothing short of spectacular. Happy Anniversary Lee!