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On-line Dating in 2016 is Still the Same

It’s 2016 and I happened to go and visit my dating profile that is still active (I paid for it through March) and see what the New Year brought. You know what it brought? The same foolishness that happened in 2015. Here is a recap of the latest:

The lesbian who says she’s a male to get women. Look, I don’t judge anyone’s lifestyle. Everyone needs love and I’m all for love. However, I’m not interested in women. I clearly indicate that I’m interested in men. Thank you for the compliment boo, but I’ll pass. Good luck on your search and stop lying about your gender to search for women who are looking for men. Better yet, I’m sure that there are dating websites designed for those looking for same-sex relationships.


The old dude who says he’s 48. Please stop lying! Your profile picture leads me to believe that you’re about 66. You should find more flattering pictures to make folks believe that you’re 48 or date within your age group. There is nothing wrong with 66, but I have no desire to engage in geriatric love at this stage in my life. If my 7-year-old can out run you then “Houston, we have a problem”. Good luck on your search old man!


The man who shows his hand too quickly. Yeah, you man! You are pressed. Really? You would work hard to keep my beautiful smile on my face? How do you know that I’m not a boring psychopath with an engaging smile? You don’t. In the beginning of getting to know me, never show me your full hand. It’s a game of poker and you think I’m going to let you win with compliments? Nope. But, I will give you points for the ball head. I am a sucker for a man with a ball head. Good luck boo!


Yep, so not much has changed in on-line dating in 2016. For those of you who want to venture into on-line dating I will tell you that it gets exhausting and you have to be able to have a sense of humor. Why? Because some of the foolishness you will encounter will make you think that you’re being punked.

Good luck dating!


  1. Omg! I have recently come across the lesbian who says they’re male just to pull out women.. It’s so deceptive because the one I saw appeared to just be an effeminate man. My friend and I spent a good 5 minutes staring at her pictures only to realise that right at the bottom of her profile, she mentioned being a lesbian. I mean if I swung that way, I would have selected “attracted to females”. I’m not sure what their jig is but it sure as hell got a giggle out of me!

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    1. That’s what I was feeling. Why are you trying to holler at me by pretending to be a man. I’m flattered, but I’m looking for men and if I weren’t I would be appalled at the deception and not try to holler at you anyway.

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  2. People are so stupid! I’m glad I eventually lucked out in the online dating cesspool of fakes and players. Keep your head up I’m sure eventually a diamond in the rough will appear…I hope.

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  3. The geriatric dating part had me in stitches! This whole post tickled my funny bone…but I’m sure it must be frustrating for you. Trying to date in this day and time can be very tricky. Everyone is online but not everyone is who they say they are while online.

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  4. This post had me rollin! Lol. Hilarious! Thanks for the heads up. I’m just now considering online dating for the first time this year. I know a few people who have had success….it always weirded me out though. But then again I’ve met crazy people in real life too! It just seems like more effort than i want to put forth with no guaranteed results….we’ll see. Thanks for sharing!!

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  5. Hahahaha… online dating is something else. And that last guy… he was trying really hard to get with you! I guess it never hurts to try. I guess… lol


  6. Lol!! This is hilarious. Haha. I’ve never tried online dating but I’ve been to a speed dating event! Personally, I prefer meeting people in real life because you can see their body language, hear their voice, and it’s much harder for them to pretend to be someone else? Whereas online, people can make up a lot more stuff. (although they could do that in real life as well, but it’s harder to fake confidence and so on)

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