Taking God Out of the Box

Good morning!

I’ve been looking for ways to increase my prayers and make them more meaningful when I ran across this book “Did You Think to Pray?” by R.T. Kendall. It’s about how God loves us and wants to talk with each of us. It speaks about how prayer gives us the privilege of access to the ultimate power…God. I started using this in my church school message with my Senior High students to encourage us to do the following: increasing our prayer time, praying consistently and not just when we need something and praying with a purpose.

Pastor Kay and I were on the same path when he delivered yesterday’s sermon. It’s the passage where Paul is praying for the Ephesians. What I love about this passage is that it shows you how to pray. Prayer with a specific message that has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Bible Verse: Ephesians 3:14-20 King James Version
“Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians”


We limit God to what we have asked for. We tie our blessings into our material possessions: our house, our car, our jobs, etc. God can do so much more for us today than material possessions. He sits at the throne in Heaven ready to blow your mind. He wants you to know that He can do so much more for you than you’re allowing Him to do. Examples:
  • You asked God for a job and He gave you a career.
  • You asked Him for a mate and He gave you a spouse.
The same God that was able to heal in the Bible can still heal today. It’s the same God. I’ve tried God for myself and know He is real because I’ve petitioned Him for one thing and received so much more. God can go beyond what we’re thinking at the moment. There is nothing too great for our God. God is so big that you can rest and rely on Him because He will take care of you. We must learn to stop putting God in a box so He can just do his thing.

Key Points:

How do we begin to take God out of our box?

1. When we realize we should never limit our prayers to a petition.

In the 20th verse of Ephesians, Paul ends his petition with a doxology (means praise). He moves his petition (verses 14-19) to praise. Paul allowed his petition to lead him into prayer…”Now unto Him…” Has anybody ever prayed and had your prayers turn into praise sessions. That’s what Paul did. He’s recognizing that God can do all things and I can bother him anytime I want because it’s only Him that can do it.

2. By recognizing that God is omnipotent (all power). Paul says “Now toHim who is able to do...” If you don’t believe God is able you will not have an authentic salvation. Salvation is rooted in the fact that there was a Savior. He overcame the trials you are going through. When you don’t have salvation: young ladies will answer to names that are not their own; young men will worry about having street cred instead of kingdom cred.

He is able and we need to recognize that.

3. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” Paul points out that God is able to blow your mind. Paul says exceeding abundantly in this passage. It may not be proper grammar, but Paul knew that if you took God out of your box and let him, He could blow your mind. If we’re authentic in our belief, we don’t just come to church when we need God, but even when we don’t. God is blessing you so that you can be a blessing to someone else. It’s no secret what God can do. Know that He is able. We are the testimonies of what God can do. God has placed something inside of you to recognize what God can do. You need to know your real story, true story, uncut version. The version that can’t be played in movie theaters or written in books. The story that no good folks know about. The story that would have had your momma smacking you from here to kingdom come. God knows, but He still loves you. You are his testimony, so take him out of the box.

Be blessed!