Brennan’s First Birthday

Okay, so Brennan’s first birthday party was a success (by my standards). He hated all the people and attention. It was as if he knew it was party day b/c he refused to nap until everyone showed up. The party lasted 2 hours and he slept for about an hour. We were overwhelmed by all the love and support shown to us. He had over 35 guests. We really do believe in the village raising your child and our village continually comes through for us. Brennan had a wonderful birthday and got lots of gifts, money and clothes. People who couldn’t attend were handing me and my mom gifts or mailing cards with money and gift cards to the house. The Elmo thing was a hit. I had Elmo magnets, Chocolate bars, CD’s, Bottled water and bubbles.

We loved the day, but we were exhausted afterwards. He looked sharp and I was hoping he would take his first step, but no such luck. He’s still creeping along. I’ve attached a few flicks from the party.


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