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Mommy Breaks 2k16

Let me tell you this…we all need a break. Every last one of us. Do you know how exhausting it can be working, socializing and trying to build your empire? Add parenting, business owner and extracurricular activities into the mix and many of us feel overwhelmed. We feel like we’re losing our minds.


How are we expected to get everything done in one day? How are we expected to meet our work deadlines, try to write our book, blog and then parent? I need an extra 12 hours during the day when I have Munch to try to get as many things done as I can on my list.


That’s why I’m a proponent of mommy breaks. I’m creating a movement called #mommybreaks2k16 so get on the ball my dear friends because I’m sure that you need one too. LOL.

You’re probably wondering what is a mommy break? A mommy break is all a part of parenting. It mainly happens when you’re divorced or separated from your child’s other parent and you can co-parent. A mommy break is essential to the survival of the working mother. You will lose your mind if you don’t get a break.


I mentioned earlier that my ex-husband and I share custody of Munch. Well, my schedule right now is one week on/one week off. It is the best schedule ever. Why? Because when I was married I was doing the bulk of the parenting by myself.

However, in all fairness to my ex, I never asked for help or told him that I needed him to do more. Yes, I could have asked him to read my mind and do it, but I also didn’t speak up. I own it. But, since we separated and subsequently divorced, I have my mommy breaks.

He is  a full-time hands on father for one week. He takes him to soccer practice, swim lessons, soccer games, church school and pick-ups at before and after care. He takes him to therapy to doctor’s appointments or whatever is scheduled during his week. It’s wonderful.


I get a break. A much needed break. A break where I can strut my stuff and just let my hair down (I know I have short hair, LOL). It’s wonderful. I schedule my hair appointments,  work late, make my nail appointments and girl time during this mommy break. I make time to date, work out and just read. All the things I can’t do when I have Munch.

Mommy breaks are not for everyone. They are only for those who believe that their sanity is worth every minute spent without their child. They are for those who choose to see the benefits of co-parenting not just for the father/child relationship, but also for the parent.

Do you know how many extra hours of sleep I can get when Munch is with his dad? How I don’t have to cook dinner or fix breakfast if I don’t want too? What about  the fact that I don’t have to struggle running up and down the road to take him to his many activities that include swimming, soccer and Tae Kwan Do? Daddy does them.

The best part was that Munch had a busy weekend last week and his dad did everything. I got to do what I want when I want. Like sleep late, head to the gym, and drinks with my friends. It was pure “me time”. No birthday parties or play dates to take him too. It’s one  of the perks of co-parenting.

When I was married, I used to take Munch to birthday parties because when we were married his dad never wanted to attend a child’s party unless it was a long-term family friend and even then he wouldn’t attend if a basketball or football game was on TV or anything that he deemed better than going to a child’s party. It was like pulling teeth.

But, because I have mommy breaks now he actually takes his son to birthday parties. These aren’t just the parties of his dad’s friends, but of Munch’s classmates. I still pick out the gifts (because I’m anal) and wrap them. Usually the parties fall on my weekends. However, if they didn’t I used to ask his dad for permission to take him and he always said yes.

I couldn’t do it this weekend. I was so exhausted and wanted to do nothing more than sleep in and have adult time. So, his dad took Munch to Savannah’s birthday party on Saturday. Ya’ll may remember that Savannah is his crush. Well, he was so excited to go. It was so cute. Munch got up at 8 am and got dressed for the party. His dad laughed and said “Son, we have 5 more hours until the party. You can go and put your pajamas back on and rest.” Munch said, “No daddy, I’m okay. I’m going to just stay dressed.” LOL.

What did I do with my break? Took care of my beauty needs (hair and nails). Went to the mall and exchanged my Michael Kors handbag for a brand new one (thanks warranty), had dinner with Mr. C and even though I wasn’t on Munch duty. I still made sure that I was taking care of his needs. Next up was some new tennis shoes for the summer. Here were his choices:





Guess which one he picked:


Yes, his dad and I were shocked. But, he liked them. He said that they were colorful. The good part is that he has a lot of solid color shirts that will match the shoes.

Me? I just enjoyed my mommy break. I went to brunch, dinner, happy hours, the gym and had a great time without the pressure of being a full-time I never get a break mommy. The weather has been nicer the last few days and I’m just soaking up my Vitamin D.

Here are some flicks of me enjoying my mommy time.








      1. Yuuuup! All those colors! So fly! ESPECIALLY because the DC wardrobe is Black and Gray. Which has its place, for sure, but a little color never hurt nobody. Get it, Munch!

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  1. Yesss Goddess! I came up with that idea last year and it started the FIRST week in January of this year! I LOVE and LIVE FOR my daughter but oh child when she is with her dad for a WHOLE WEEK I am loving it. Simply for all the reasons you mentioned…honestly though sometimes after like 3 days I want to go get my baby lol. But I can pick up overtime,sleep which I love,or catch up wity friends,fam~ily or my man even though he gets “mad” when I don’t have her lol…mommy break2k16 definitely a movement I’m down for!!

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    1. I’ve been there. When his dad and I first separated, I would sleep in his room in his bed because I missed him so much. LOL, that stopped after about 4 months. Now, it’s easier because we’re older and we’ve discovered a routine that works.

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  2. This sounds so wonderful! I mean you really got this thing down ….I love how you managed to get so much done! I try to set time for myself when I can but some weekends it seems like time just flies away but I love this! That’s really great co parenting right there sis and Oh the sneaks do go with evrything! 😉

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    1. LOL. You know he asked to wear them today. He was so hurt that he couldn’t wear them, but his school has a uniform policy and those shoes are definitely a no-no. Black or brown shoes only.

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