big bird elmo sesame place zoe

Sesame Place – Elmo meets Brennan

Lee and I venture to Langham, PA (30 minutes outside of Philly) on July 24th to take Brennan to Sesame Place for his meeting with Elmo. After all, one of Brennan’s favorite words is Elmo. The park was small, intimate and extremely kid friendly. While making reservations for Dinner with Big Bird & Friends, his Elmo balloon flew away. I thought, “There goes $10 down the drain”. A security guard saw the balloon fly away and instructed them to bring me another one at no charge. How’s that for customer service?

The park was a water park with a few rides sprinkled in. It was extremely humid that day, but alas, Brennan’s only had 2 swim lessons this season so I was not letting him near the water. We went to 2 Elmo shows, saw the parade, shopped at Sesame and had Dinner with characteristics. He liked all the characters until they came near him. He freaked out whenever they were near. With the exception of Zoe and Elmo. He loved both of them. He gave them high 5’s and hugs. He loved being around those 2 characters. It was expensive, but the look of pure joy on his face when he saw Elmo and Zoe made it worth every penny. I posted a status like this on my Facebook page:

$210 for weekend in the hotel + $110 for tickets to Sesame Place + $82 for Dinner with the Big Bird and friends + $75 for souvenirs inside of Sesame Place + $300 for meals that weekend
= $777.00; but the look on Brennan’s face when he saw Elmo = priceless (it was worth every penny spent!)

Next up: Sesame Place in September to see Hip Hop Harry.

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