Number 3: Brennan & Chuck-e-Cheese

We made it to another year. Brennan had his 3rd Birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese. We had a blast! I think he loved it as much as we did. We had about 50 people there to celebrate his big day. It was a blessing to know that all of our folks will come out and celebrate each and every year. I posted some pictures at the end of this blurb, but I wanted to share with you some of the great things Brennan has said this year.

Brennan’s Notable & Quotable Phrases:

  • When leaving the house – Lee said, “Man, it’s raining cats and dogs out here.” Brennan looked up at the sky and replied, “I see no cats and dogs Daddy, but I got my puppy.”
  • While driving in the car – Brennan said, “Excuse me Mommy. Excuse me Mommy.” I replied, “Yes Brennan.” “Have you seen my t.v.?”
  • While talking to my mom – I said, “Brennan, would you like to speak to Nana?” He replied, “Um, no thank you Mommy. I don’t wanna talk to Nana.”
  • When looking at his baby pictures – “Look Daddy…That’s fat baby Brennan”.
  • When saying I love you – I will say, “I love you Brennan”. Brennan replies, “I love you more Mommy.”
  • Brennan referring to his cousin William – Brennan said, “Mommy, his name is not William. It is Woody. W-o-o-d-y Mommy.”
  • When ordering from McDonald’s – Brennan will yell out “Happy Meal. Toy for a boy and don’t forget my apple juice.”

It’s been a quick 3 years, but more importantly, it has been rewarding. I wouldn’t change any minute ever spent with him. He brings us so much joy that we can’t contain our love and admiration at his innocence.


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