What I’ve Learned

It’s almost time for Brennan’s third birthday party and I have been reflecting on what I’ve learned in the last two years and I wanted to share some of my “mommy moments” with you:

  • Boys are fearless, so relax and go with the flow. Brennan has shown that he has no problem stacking his toys up on a chair, climbing to the top and jumping off. I freak out and try my hardest not to scream out in a blood curdling voice, but I realized that he has no fear. He loves to see what he can do next. My goal is to try to make it safe for his dare devil antics. I tell him softly and sweetly, “Honey, that may be too high, let’s try this.” I support his independence, but I don’t want to end up in the emergency room. I just relax and go with the flow.
  • Boys speak when they have something to say. Brennan is incredibly smart and well-spoken is what I’m hearing from a lot of the adults around us. I tell them, I’m amazed because he just started speaking less than a year ago. When Brennan went in for his 18 month check-up his doctor was worried because all he said was “mommy, daddy and more.” She explained that children his age should be saying more. I told her that he babbles, but that I didn’t want to push him in speaking too soon. I believed that he would talk when he’s ready. She still encouraged me to get him evaluated by a professional speech therapist. One snowy Thursday in February of last year, my husband and I drove to Children’s Hospital Speech Therapy lab in Washington, D.C. for an evaluation. The gentleman talked to us and talked to Brennan. He explained that Brennan understands him, we just want to get the words out. He told me that I could wait until he’s 2 or we could start now. I told him that I wanted to wait. Brennan would speak when he has something to say. He started speaking when he was 28 months old and he hasn’t stopped. It’s amazing!
  • Cuddles & Kisses time is a must. One of the things I started doing with Brennan is cuddles and kisses time. This is our time to cuddle, kiss and talk about how his day went. I spend this time holding him in my arms telling him how much I love him and how proud of him that I am. I wanted to make sure that when Brennan grows up, he can remember being in my arms, safe and loved. He is the best gift God could have given me and I tell him every day during our 5 minute daily routine. I believe that I am encouraging his spirit and letting him know that no matter what he is loved and wanted. Cuddles & Kisses Time is our nightly routine.
  • Opinions can sometimes be too much. I love the fact that Brennan now tells us what he wants to wear each day, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. He will yell out, “I don’t want to wear yellow today” even though we are running late. He will go into the store with me and start picking up clothes that he likes. He will change people’s names on purpose and speak to me slowly when he confirms what he’s done. He’s becoming independent, but sometimes the way he is doing it is too much. I try to understand and go with the flow, but most times I shake my head in amazement paying homage to my mother. Was I really like this?
  • I’m sorry sucks. At this age, Brennan has learned to say, “I’m sorry” for everything. It drives me nuts. Are you really sorry? Why did you do it? Why did you do it again even after you said I’m sorry? All of these things are frustrating to me and I decided one day to ask Brennan after he did something and said I’m sorry what is he sorry about. I asked, “Brennan are you really sorry? Are you sorry for pulling out all of your books on the floor and not putting them back? Are you sorry for pulling all of your covers on the floor and walking away? What about coloring on the walls, are you sorry for that?” He pauses and replies, “Um, no. I’m sorry mommy”. I’m sorry sucks.
So, those are all the wonderful things that I’ve learned during the terrible two stage. I can’t wait to see what he shows me at 3.

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