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Munch, Bailey and The Stinky

It was a horrific night last night in the Thomas household. My 3-year-old and the dog had a comedic yet disgusting episode. Here’s what happened…

Munch came in our bedroom last night with his hands held out with poo in both his hands crying “It’s stinky mommy! It’s stinky!” I immediately freaked out and asked, “Munch did you put your hand in your pull-up?” He didn’t respond. He just kept crying.

I led him to the bathroom to thoroughly wash and clean his hands while trying not to vomit. I stopped by his bedroom to see the damage that had been done… a pile of my son’s poo was laying in his red Lightening McQueen chair. I was disgusted.

Before I could clean it up, the family dog Bailey walks his happy doggy tail right by me and proceeds to eat the poo out of Munch’s chair. I was so disgusted and was about to yell “Stop eating poo”, but heard a blood curdling scream. I looked down and realized Munch was screaming.

I screamed for Lee to get the dog now. I told Lee what happened and he came to the bedroom to clean up the poo. Munch continued to cry as we washed his hands and kept saying, “Mommy, get the stinky off!” I replied, “I’m getting the stinky off. You need to learn to use the potty. You wouldn’t have stinky poo on you if you went to the potty.”

Frustrated, I stripped his clothes off and put him in the shower. He was reeking of stinky.  Lee picked up all his clothes off the bathroom floor and stripped the comforter off the bed and put them in the wash. I began washing Munch as he cried loudly, “Mommy get the stinky off of me”.

He yelled out something about Bailey that sounded like 3-year-old gibberish. When we got him out of the shower and Lee was drying him off, I asked him what did Bailey do? He cried/screamed in anger, “Bailey ate my stinky.” His sobs were heartbreaking.

I had to catch myself from laughing when I realized that it was official…both my son and I were traumatized by the dog eating his stinky. I don’t know if he will ever get over it, heck I don’t know if I will ever get over it, but I think the moral lesson I learned…hurry up and potty train already!


  1. Haha so funny! I had a similar situation with my baby boy who I am trying to potty train along with his twin sister. I didn’t put diapers on them, so that if they had the urge to go poo or pee they will somehow let me know. So I am in the kitchen and here comes my son with poop in his hands saying “mami poo”. I was so grossed out I had to take him a bath and put hand sanitizer! Lol.


  2. This just validates my point when childless people announce their pets are their kids. When they attempt to draw comparisons, there is absolutely no comparison to a dog eat poo and a child.

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