Bailey, Puppy & Brennan – A Tail of Two Dogs

A couple of nights ago, I called the emergency maintenance staff because our garbage disposal wasn’t working and it caused our dishwasher to overflow.  The maintenance man came by as I was cooking dinner.  I put Bailey in the bedroom because everyone knows that Bailey doesn’t do well with others in “his space”.  Bailey is barking and scratching on the bedroom door trying to get out and my sauce is on the stove about to burn. The maintenance man began trying to fix the garbage disposal.  At this point, Brennan decided that he needed to play with Bailey and goes to the bedroom door and lets him out of the room.  Bailey comes charging in the kitchen teeth showing and growling ready to attack the stranger.  I yelled and said, “No, Bailey!  Back in the room!” I asked Brennan, “Why did you let him out?” Brennan apologized, “I’m sorry mommy!”

Thinking that this was the end of a long day and trying to get Brennan’s dinner on the table, I began trying to finish cooking dinner.  Brennan grabbed his stuffed puppy and then started barking at the maintenance man and trying to have his puppy attack the man.  “Roof, Roof, Roof”.  I could not believe my eyes and I said, “Brennan, leave the man alone.  What’s going on?”  Brennan ignored my questions and continued to attack the man with his stuffed animal (aka Puppy Thomas).  I started freaking out and the man had a confused look on his face wondering what this toddler was doing.  I yelled, “Brennan, please stop!  Leave the man alone!”  Brennan stopped touching the man, but continued to bark at the top of his lungs like a dog, “Roof, Roof, Roof”.  In between his “Roofs” Brennan said, “Mommy, I’m hungry”.  I was embarrassed.  The maintenance man was looking at Brennan and then at me as though my son was “special” and not in a good way.  He couldn’t fix the problems with my garbage disposal and dishwasher any faster as he ran from our house.  He even left a tool behind.  Brennan then went to the bedroom door and let Bailey back out of the room.  Normalcy had been restored to our house according to Brennan.  He climbed in his high chair and waited for dinner.

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