7 Days Until "D-Day"

It’s seven days until “D-Day” in the Thomas household.  D-Day is for the death of the pacifier.  Brennan has not  let go of his “binky”.  It’s his comforter with his puppy.  He rushes home every day after day care to come home and find his “binky”.  He then proceeds to put it in his mouth and utter this huge “sigh of relief”.  I’m scared from the outcome of D-Day because Binky has ruled our house for the last four years.

It all started when Brennan was born.  He was crying in the hospital nursery and I told Lee, to just give him the binky.  He said, “I thought you didn’t want him to get nipple confusion?”  I said, “I’m exhausted, just give him the binky.” And so it began.  His love for the binky was more powerful than his love for breast milk.  The binky comforted him when he was scared, tired or just needed to suck.  He was a binky addict.  My mother used to comment, “You need to invent a patch for his binky withdrawal.”

We took the binky away at his second birthday and it was hard.  He cried all the time and he began to suck his fingers to coddle himself.  In October (six months after he turned 2), we took him back to the dentist who noticed his bite had changed.  She wanted to know was he sucking his thumb?  I told her when we took the binky, he began sucking his finger.  I asked her was the binky better than the thumb or finger?  She said “Yes.  Ideally we don’t want them to suck anything, but it is easier to break a binkey sucker than a thumb sucker.” I told her, “You haven’t met Brennan.”  I found one of his old binkeys and gave it to him.  He breathed a sigh of relief and stopped sucking his fingers.  We set-up a rule that said you can only have the binky at bedtime.  When you go to bed, you can have the binky.  However, he figured out a way to get around it, by lying in the bed after school watching Sprout and sucking on his binky.

I know that I’m the biggest culprit for enabling this behavior, which is why I’m dreading D-Day the most.  I am trying to reason and rationalize with him about the impending break-up with binky, but he is not having it.  I researched on-line ways to help him here:  Breaking Up With Binky and here reading parents reactions here:  Pre-schoolers & Pacifiers, but I’m worried it won’t work.  I’m prepared for any tantrums and sleepless nights, because he will need to wean off the pacifier.  I’m the wimp when he cries, so I’m going to need lots of caffeine and patience. Pray for me.


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