Dealing with my Daddy Issues

Today, I read an article that hit home for me.  I’m linking the article at the bottom.  I shared my experience on my Facebook page.  Here’s what I wrote:

From the Mommy Diaries: I’m sharing the below article that I read today that hit home for me. 

Many of you may know that I didn’t have my dad in my life. He’s been absent for almost 30 years. For so many years, I had resentment and anger at the man who basically became a sperm donor when he left me and my two siblings. This separation manifested itself in many ways and I acted out. I didn’t believe that any man could ever truly love me because my own dad didn’t. I spent countless hours in therapy and prayer and eventually “let go” of ever wanting to see or hear from him again. I accepted that I don’t have a dad. Well, when I tell you that God put it in my heart and spirit to fix this…He did. Last week when I went home to TN, my grandmother kept badgering me to visit with him. She always says, “Baby, he’s gonna have to answer to God for his sins, but you need to still go visit him.” So, last Sunday I did. My uncle 8-ball who is a preacher took me to visit him. I was all set to cuss him out for him being a horrible father, a dishonorable man and a poor excuse for a black man. But, God whispered, “Be still!” He bridled my tongue and I actually had a decent conversation with this man who I hadn’t seen in years. Now, I’m not saying we are best buds and will call and email because that may not happen, but I’m still and I’m okay. I don’t feel anything but peace. Not everyone is designed to be a dad, but I’m thankful for all the wonderful men that God saw fit to bless me with to stand in as fathers: my uncle Ivan, my uncle 8-ball, my uncle Terry and my uncle Charlie and most important…my Heavenly Father always had my back.

Click on the below link to read the article:


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