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Interview Part I

Hey loves!

Here is the interview that I did last week with Lady G (the Intuitive) at Seek the Best Blog, Michelle (the Counselor) at Me, Intimately Worded and Dr. KE Garland (the Professor) at Kwoted regarding everything from love, dating, relationships and parenting. It will be a 3 part series and I would love your feedback.

This first part is fire. It goes into my relationship with my dad, my piece in Dr. KE’s book that you can get here: Daddy: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships and my relationship issues with men.

Many of you may recall that my dad and I have a strained relationship due to him not being a part of my life for almost 30 years. I’ve written many times about our relationship and it is still non-existent. I think the best way to describe it as that we are both a work in progress.

The next part will post on May 1, 2019. Did you like it? What are your thoughts? Do you understand what I was talking about with my dad?

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      1. Especially after being divorced because now you know what you don’t want. I’ve had my time of it and happy to have found some to share my life with. Happy Hunting 😉 🙂

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