I Choose You.

Love this poem. Makes me happy. Makes me believe.

Miniscule Diary

I choose you
In the shadowy corners of my mind
And the narrow edges of my heart
I choose you
On the loneliest paths
And in the company of the Universe
Yes, I choose you
In the stark of night
Where bodies merge and souls collide
Oh, I choose you
In here, everywhere
On my reading table, between the gentle roughness of sheets on the bed
And I choose you,
Although ‘m a butterfly, and you are a bee
But I choose you,
Even when we play hide and seek
I choose, I chose,
‘m choosing your soul
To know, to love,
To contain, to hurt
To be known, and touched by
Contained, enraptured by mine
Because I choose you,
Because I want to.




© The Short Black Girl, 2016.

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