Open Letter to the Side Chicks

Wanted to share this great read. Check it out:

A Perfectly Flawed Ruby

Dear Side Chicks,

I just thought that I would write a letter to you all and ask what are you doing? Some of you are messing up the name. Now, I have to put out more because one of you have decided to ask for a relationship or want something more. Why, would you do that? You have to get in where you fit in.

I already know that many of you are not getting what you deserve, because he has to divide his time between so many of you, but I guess that’s fine with you. Oh, you thought that you were the only one. Nawl, boo? There are about 4 of you with a couple waiting in the wing

.baby momma

Yep, many of you know that we’re still married, not separated, but you don’t care because of the lies that he has told you. Some of you are…

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  1. I just don’t understand why someone would want to be a side chick? Like first of all the guys isn’t yours so you will never get all the attention and love his girls get. Basically just there for the sex and the perks. Many fail to realize karma is real so while you tech fucking up someone else relationship one day it will come back around.

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  2. Oh my! this was very interesting and yet it was very comical. I am just shocked someone made a post about side chicks, was a great idea!


    P.S I don’t understand what a side chick gets other than hurt? LOL

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    1. Yep, the blogger’s husband had one and she wrote about her experience. They get nothing but hurt. In some cases it is money, houses, cars or a baby. They want to get the man to leave his main person (usually the wife).

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  3. This is ouch…. I wrote a blog about side chicks on here that glorify their position. It’s so counterproductive. I will never understand the mentality, …. let me change that, I will never condone the mentality… because I understand why they do it. Even men can be “accessories.” Waiting on a married woman… Nah son. Not the kid. I believe in marriage. Even if you manage to fool me, once I find out, I’m done. “I wish, I never met her!!” Remember that song by Carl Thomas? He was an accessory in that song.

    This was a great post…. but what I noticed is the husband who definitely deserves her ire. I can’t stand cheating husbands. They are the worse.

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