Welcome September 2017

It’s September dear friends. A new month. A new chance of possibilities. It is the first Friday of the month. How are you with your goals? What are your wishes for September?

My Personal Goals for September:

  • Take Munch to an amusement park
  • Attend Back to School Night
  • Spend time with family in Tennessee
  • Prepare Munch for school
  • Celebrate Mr. C’s birthday

My Blog Goals for September:

  • Increase my Twitter followers by 10%
  • Increase my Instagram followers by 10%
  • Increase my WordPress followers by 10%
  • Write 3 articles this month to be published on other websites
  • Restructure my blog layout

That’s about it for me. I have both personal and blog goals. I’m heading into my busy season at work so please bear with me if I’m slow to reading your posts. I will read them, but the next couple of months will be hectic.

This month, I wish you the cool autumn breeze of September as you walk down the street. I wish you the most vibrant leaf colors you’ve ever seen on trees in your neighborhood. I wish you the peace and satisfaction of knowing that everything is as it should be. Happy September friends!


Want to keep in touch? You can find me on social media at the following links: Twitter @mskeeinmd, Facebook page A Thomas Point of View and my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/mskeeinmd/.


  1. I enjoyed reading his I needed to hear this. If you have time please read my blogs and give me some insight will definitely follow you on other social media

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