Day 17: Being Employed

Can I just tell you that I love my job? My job is amazing. My supervisor is amazing. I love what I do. I wake up each day excited about going to a job I love. The people are cool and my team is awesome. This job was a God send.

See, last year my girlfriend Cassie kept telling me to apply for this job. She sent me the job notice and I thought about it. But, I didn’t have supervisory experience so I just let it go. I had a 3 year plan and after 3 years at my current employer I knew that I was looking to change employers. It was only April. I still had four months to go.

I was talking myself out of the job without even applying. But, Cassie was persistent. She told me that God had told her that I should apply for the job. Being that I am a Christian and I wasn’t going to not do what God had gone through the trouble of telling Cassie, I applied.

I interviewed and got the job. I love it. I love being a manager and even though I had no experience, I knew what not to do based off experience. God had blessed me with an incredible opportunity and to be in a space where I can learn more, manage for the first time and create opportunities for my team.

It’s Day 17 in my #23daysofthankfulness and I’m thankful for employment. Having a job that you go to everyday that can pay your bills is a blessing. Even if your job is not where you want to be in the end, change it. Use the time to get the skills and keep your head up. Your greater is coming.


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  1. It is a blessing to have a job that you truly enjoy. I go to my job just to pay bills, however the enjoyment was there in the beginning but things do change & well people that’s another story. Lately my mind has been on change. Thanks for sharing! It is great #motivation

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