Valentine’s Day – The Fall of Man

Valentine’s Day is not a day for men! All the commercials: candy, jewelry, cars and flowers are geared towards women. While I loved Valentine’s Day BB (before Brennan), I now realize it as a day for people who don’t show love all year through to try to outshine one another. We have become a society of show-offs. Here’s where I tell you that before you think I’m bitter and my spouse doesn’t show me love on V-Day, I must tell you that you are wrong! Each year, my hubby falls prey (like many men) to show how much he loves me by spending the most on a beautiful bouquet or doing something incredibly romantic. I love it and I appreciate it, however, I don’t want my son to believe that this day represents the day you go over board or you are considered less than genuine in your affections if you don’t spend half your salary. Love in itself is the greatest gift and showing you love and appreciate someone all year round is better than once a year.

So, as I was gearing up for Brennan’s annual Friendship Day Festivities, i.e. Valentine’s Day Party at day care, I was reminded of the importance of showing your appreciation for those around you. I went to Hallmark and picked out some Valentine’s Day cards to distribute to his classmates. The choices were slim. There were no cards that said,
Hey, we’re too young to know what love is, but our parents felt pressured to give you something for Valentine’s Day, so accept this card and know I like having you around.
or even…
Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is for suckers and here’s one for you
(attach a lollipop of course)
I found two packs of cards with dogs on them, but they were geared for a little boy to give to another little girl. Where were the cute generic cards for kids? You know the ones that said…
I like trucks and racing cars,
I like looking up at the stars,
I like dinosaurs and frogs and movies too,
but most of all I like being a pal to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Do you see why I say it’s a day for women? Even my 3 year old son will have a hard time navigating Valentine’s Day in a society that values money over thoughtfulness. My desire is to make sure that my son knows that he is valued for who is and not for what he can do for others. No more money to Hallmark. I’m going to make my own Valentine’s Day cards from now on. I’m sure his classmates and teachers will appreciate the thought.