What Color Black Am I?

OMG! She did the dang thing!

I am the color of a dark past

Of low quality tin and cast iron water fountains

The color of restrooms and cafe entrances created to keep me away

Of deadly “Whites Only” Coca-Cola vending machines

Uncomfortable bus rides cloaked in fear

My seat has been labeled

My seat has been labeled

I am 4-5 rows in the back of the bus

You don’t want to see me

I am the color of a “Whites Only” sign

Of segregated restaurants, parks, transport and schools

The color of “separate but equal”

Of poor quality schools and education

Unequal distribution of America’s wealth

White mannequins

White mannequins

I am searching for my reflection

You don’t want me to see me

I am the color of a vote denied

Of absent representation for change

The color of the voiceless

Of disenfranchising poll taxes and literacy tests

Beaten – set on fire – lynched from my home

For trying

For trying

I am the suppressed black…

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