2016 money


So, last week my best friend and god-daughter went to dinner at this great restaurant in Waldorf, Maryland that I love called Boston’s. We had a great time and the waiter was phenomenal. I have never had bad service at this restaurant.

When the bill came, we split it 3 ways. I’m not about splitting the bill by taking out what you ordered especially when no one had alcohol. It gets too complicated and I don’t like to dine with cheapskates (more on this rant later). LOL.

My god-daughter paid cash and my best friend and I had our credit cards to pay. I told the waiter to apply the tip and we would split the difference between the two cards. We still had to tip. So, we added the 20% tip of the total bill to each receipt. Easy right?

Yeah, I thought so. But, guess what my bank sent me:


LOL. It was so weird. I guess in light of all the identity theft they are just making sure that everything was legitimate. This tip was on purpose and on par with the 20% for the total bill that was due.

I value that great service.

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