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I’m learning to let go. To not think that I can control every aspect of my life. It gets hard. I get scared when things happen beyond my control.

However, today’s anxiety and trouble with the first day of school and the transportation office let me know that I must keep learning. Evolving. I have to be able to understand that sometimes there are things outside of my control. That I just need to relax.


Learning requires us to take action. To never stop. To be willing.

I am willing.

I will not stop.

I can’t stop.



This post is part of the Daily Prompt. Today’s word was learning.



  1. I am learning to look at life as a series of experiences and that shift in thinking has changed the way I view change and the unknown. I am going to write about my experience soon. In the meantime, I will continue to learn how to implement this new way of thinking more and more in my life cause I, too, am a lifelong learner! 🙂

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