Is it Time for Music?

I’m reading everything and anything about what is best for your children and they are suggesting music should be introduced now. More specifically playing instruments. I know. I know. I’m textbook. But, hear me out.

I like music. I wish that I could play an instrument. I wish I had learned. I want Munch to learn to play an instrument. I want him to find an outlet that makes him happy. So, I asked him “Do you want to learn to play an instrument?” He got excited and then cautiously asked, “Why?”

Only my child right? I said, “This is the age where students learn. Is there anything you want to learn to play?” He responded, “Yes, the guitar.”

Really kid? The guitar?

He said he wants to be a rock star. He vetoed the flute, saxophone, violin, piano, trombone and anything else I suggested. The guitar.

Guess what? I’m looking into guitar lessons. Yep. I’m going to try this.