I’m A Rockstar – Not!

Munch had his guitar lesson this weekend. To say that it was good would be to lie to you my dear friend. It was awful. I was stressed out with his lack of attention and wanted to scream “F**k it, let’s go!”

But, I didn’t. I sat through the most excruciating 40 minutes of my life. I mean it truly was worse than labor.


Because my dang Munch acted a monkey fool.  He refused to hold the guitar correctly. He didn’t know how to hold the pick. He seemed so uninterested. It drove me crazy. Never mind the fact that he said he wanted to play the dang guitar.

He slouched in the chair. Refused to follow the instructor and just seemed to give up. But, the worst part of this…he liked the lesson and wants to continue it.

I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset and confused. I asked him “Why Munch? You seemed to not ask questions and just sit there when the instructor talked to you.” He responded, “I didn’t understand what he was asking.” I asked him “Why didn’t you ask him to repeat it or tell him that you didn’t understand?” Guess what my Munch says?

Because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

I slapped my forehead and said “What? You didn’t want to hurt his feelings?” He replied “Yes”.  I explained to my budding rock star that he isn’t hurting anyone’s feelings by not asking questions. That is the key to life. Speak up when you don’t know something or you’re confused. Don’t ever just sit there and let them talk over you, especially when I’m paying for it.

I called Mr. C in frustration and he calmed me down. He was with his son who is 17 and plays the trumpet and he asked his son about the guitar. His son said that the guitar is a hard instrument and most children start off with the violin, flute or piccolo. Mr. C said, “See, it’s a hard instrument to learn. Just calm down and ask him does he want to take guitar lessons.”

Now, let me explain. I wasn’t expecting him to be the next Lenny Kravitz or anything. I just wanted him to show interest. I wanted him to be exceptionally astute during the lesson and just really decide if this is something he wanted to do or not. However, that wasn’t the case.

I was livid. I also didn’t know how I felt about the teacher. He was sort of young. In his 30’s. I don’t know if he had enough practice with children (especially those with no prior music experience). He kept calling him kid. He wasn’t really interested in warming up to Munch only showing him what to do.

I don’t know. This whole experience left me feeling weird. I want my son to do it if he wants. Mr. C suggested that I start off with our local parks and recreation and let him take music lessons there first. Mainly because he thinks it will be easier with other kids and less stress. I agreed.

He also suggested since Munch is ambidextrous that we take him to a guitar store and let him see whether or not the left or right guitar works better for him. He has truly calmed me down. I kissed Munch telling him that I love him and we will continue lessons if that is what he wants. He said yes.

That being said, I registered him for guitar classes through my local parks and recreation center and classes are weekly on Monday nights for an hour starting on September 12th. We’ll go to the guitar store in the next couple of weeks and figure out a guitar for him. I may rent it to see if he likes it and to confirm if he wants to play the electric (like he said or the acoustic). I’m optimistic that he’ll enjoy the lessons, or at least I hope so.

I’ll keep you posted.


Today is Prince’s Birthday

Yes, today is Prince’s birthday. I will drink purple flavored drinks, think peaceful thoughts and listen to your music as I work out. I will go home later and climb in bed and watch Purple Rain wondering what the world will do without an incredible artist. Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson! Rest in Paradise brother!


Is it Time for Music?

I’m reading everything and anything about what is best for your children and they are suggesting music should be introduced now. More specifically playing instruments. I know. I know. I’m textbook. But, hear me out.

I like music. I wish that I could play an instrument. I wish I had learned. I want Munch to learn to play an instrument. I want him to find an outlet that makes him happy. So, I asked him “Do you want to learn to play an instrument?” He got excited and then cautiously asked, “Why?”

Only my child right? I said, “This is the age where students learn. Is there anything you want to learn to play?” He responded, “Yes, the guitar.”

Really kid? The guitar?

He said he wants to be a rock star. He vetoed the flute, saxophone, violin, piano, trombone and anything else I suggested. The guitar.

Guess what? I’m looking into guitar lessons. Yep. I’m going to try this.


Change Clothes or Better Yet Your Partners

So, I’ve been thinking about spring cleaning some men in my life and started to wonder what songs will help me move on. Why? Because even though it is my choice, some men have overstayed their welcome and have stayed on the shelf past their expiration. I need new experiences and new things not necessarily found in men that aren’t really my friends.

Friendships take time to develop. You need to spend time hanging out, talking and growing common interests. If you’re not doing that then you are a temporary placeholder in someone’s life. Doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It means that you need to cultivate meaningful friendships and just “Move on Martha, move on!”

Like ending a relationship with someone you love, ending friendships or situationships (if you’re in one) can be hard. You will cry or shed a tear. You will feel lost. You will wonder did you make the right decision. You will wonder if you should call them back. The answer to the last two statements is a resounding NO!

I’ve compiled a list of my 5 top songs that will help you get through this time. Listen to these songs on repeat for the next couple of days and you will be more empowered and less likely to bend. It is done.

5. Beyonce “Resentment”


4. Melanie Fiona “Gone And Never Coming Back”

3. Chrisette Michele “Blame It On Me”

2. Fantasia “Without Me”

1. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”