Suis-je prêt? (Am I Ready?)

As you all are aware, Brennan started kindergarten at a French Immersion school on Monday and we’ve already had a meeting with the teacher.  Not a one-on-one meeting, but an “All parents and no kids” meeting. The teacher indicated on the first day of school that she wanted all parents to come back on Thursday for a meeting from 7 pm to 9 pm with no children.  I was excited to attend the first meeting because I’ve always envisioned how I will be the “corporate chick/supermom” scheduling my work meetings and PTA meetings in an already busy Outlook calendar. (Yeah, I know).

Well, on Wednesday evening, I received a call from Lee (while I’m still at work) upset because Brennan had told him how he got lost today in school going to the bathroom and another boy found him and took him back to his class.  Brennan told his dad, how he was crying and scared. To say Lee was a little perturbed would have been an understatement.  He was irate and reminded me how the teacher announced that she would not let the children go to the restroom on their own.  He said, “She just said she wouldn’t do this! Why did our son get lost?”  I quietly responded, “I’ll take care of it.  I will send her an email.” He responded, “Fine, but copy me on the email please.”  Uh oh.

So, I gently drafted an email to send to the teacher, when I decided to hold tight.  You see, I love my baby, but he is a child after all.  I didn’t want to be one of those parents who believed her child first and said, “No teacher, you’re wrong!”.  Not gonna do it.  I held tight and told Lee that I would address it with her directly after the parenting meeting the next day.

Fast forward to last night and I headed into the school prepared to learn everything about the expectations of my child, curriculum and teaching style of the teacher.  What I learned was a lot more.  Brennan’s teacher is hilarious.  She is 66 and from Belgium.  She gives it to you straight with no chaser.  I love her.  She’s direct and no-nonsense with a deep love and respect for the children and their parents.  I was happy to know that my son had hit the proverbial “education jackpot” when it came to his teacher.  

After gathering all the information, facts and expectations of the classroom, I made my way up to the front to talk to her about the story Brennan had told us.  I waited patiently after the other parents and went up to introduce myself again.  I explained how Brennan told us yesterday that he was crying because he got lost coming from the bathroom and another boy found him and brought him back to her.  She pondered for a moment, “Brennan?”  I said, “Yes”.  She said, “No, that didn’t happen to Brennan.  That happened to Ian (another boy) yesterday.”  She said, “We were on the playground at recess and Ian had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t leave the other children so I told him what door to go into and another teacher brought him back, but it wasn’t Brennan.”


My baby had just told his first “tale (aka lie)” on his teacher.  Wow!  I thanked her for the explanation and told her that I would be talking to him about this situation.  She said, “No problem.  By the way, Brennan cries every day for you.  He says that he misses you.”  She said, “I tell him, your mommy and daddy have to work Brennan.  They have a job to do and your job is to go to school.  They miss you and will see you later.” I wanted to cry.  I had put on a brave face and hadn’t cried during his transition into kindergarten, but my baby was crying in school every day.  I bid her good evening and rushed home.  I don’t know how to talk to Brennan about the crying, but I did make sure to tell Lee that Brennan has an active imagination and “stole” Ian’s situation.

Ah, one day and one issue at a time.  Au revoir.  

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