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It Happened…My First Spanking

So, Tuesday evening, I had to spank Brennan.  I didn’t cry. Let me tell you what happened…Yesterday, we received the first daily report for Brennan and his dad was upset about the report and the lack of information the teacher put on the report. He was actually blaming the teacher and the school. I calmly stated that I would email the teacher and ask a series of questions for an explanation to the confusing report, but to calm down because I’m sure there is something we’re missing. 

The teacher replied to my email the next morning and said I will call you later on today after the children leave for the day. She did and to my surprise, I realized that my son is tripping. My beautiful, bubbly, only child, too spoiled, attention loving young man was acting like he was bored and refusing to not participate or show interest in the class. I was truly embarrassed and disturbed by his behavior. Listening to the teacher, I was fuming. School just started and it’s too early for him to be showing disinterest in anything. 

We got off the phone and I called his dad immediately to share what the teacher said to me.  He listened and then quietly responded…”You’re gonna spank him right?” I paused and with all bravado in my voice, said, “Yep, it’s about that time and I will use his belt because I don’t want to hurt my hand.” He replied, “Fine, but make sure you do it. Don’t chicken out.”

I left work and talked to my sister on the phone while I drove to go and get Brennan.  I told her what happened and she said, “Wow, what are you going to do?” I said, “I’m gonna spank him.” She said, “Okay, don’t cry in front of him while you do it.  Just get it over with and go in the bathroom and cry. That’s what I did when I spanked my kids for the first time.” I said, “Okay.”

So, I pick Brennan up from aftercare and he says, “Wow, mommy! I’m so excited to see you! I didn’t know you were picking me up.  You look so beautiful mommy!  I missed you!  I love you mommy! How was your day?” All this was coming out of his mouth in rapid succession and he wouldn’t even let me respond before his next declaration, so I thought, “Dang! He’s good”. So, I played along and finally said, “My day was fine love. You’re getting your butt whooped tonight. I talked to your teacher.” He started to cry. I said, “Those tears don’t work now. You’re in the big leagues buddy. Keep crying and I can whoop you outside in front of the school.” He dried his tears. I took him home and went into his room, pulled off his little belt and popped that behind. He cried. I said, “Now, let’s discuss why you got a whooping”. There was no TV and two hours of French homework, math and reading. Hell, I’m exhausted now too. The joys of parenting or sometimes the frustration, I’m not sure which yet. Au Revoir

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