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Really Bill?

I had remained silent on this whole Bill Cosby situation because I didn’t want to see a father, husband, comedian and advocate for educating black folks undermined in the court of public opinion. Why? Because I believe in the old saying “Innocent until proven guilty” but after Monday’s unsealing of court records where Mr. Cosby admitted to drugging women I’m sitting here like…really Bill?

What the heck is wrong with you? You were a husband. You were a father. You were an icon. You were an advocate. Now, we can add questionable rapist to the list of titles. I take sexual assault against women seriously. Some of the women who came forward were victimized in the court of public opinion. Were made out to be whore-mongers and liars and you sat by and did nothing.

Did you sexually assault all these women? I don’t know. But, the fact that you admitted in 2005 to drugging a woman when you wanted to have sex with her makes your character seem shady. You were dead wrong.

You endangered these women’s lives. You broke their trust. You took a piece of their soul and you tried to cover it up as though you did nothing wrong. You Mr. Cosby became the monster that they dream about at night.

I’m disgusted and disappointed in Bill Cosby’s behavior. I don’t condone the victimization of women. I hope and pray that these women get the justice that they deserve and you, BILL, know what it feels like to be raped in the court of public opinion.

Good luck with that.



  1. Wow…I walked by the break room last night and saw his face on the news but had no idea that is what was being brought to light. I disregarded previous allegations for the same reason. Until it was proven, I didn’t care to hear anymore about it……but DANG BILL! This is a sad situation.

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  2. My husband bought some Fat Albert discs before this whole scandal broke. My daughter enjoyed watching them. Now we put them away. We found some other issues with them, which could be an interesting blog post. I loved watching the early Fat Alberts and I loved watching the Cosby Show. I could never imagine that he did what he did. It just goes to show that people can look and act normal, even be model citizens, but they apparently have real issues. I wonder why no one spoke up earlier. Somebody must have known. Maybe different era back then?

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    1. Apparently, it’s been going on for years and he was hushing them up. Then the latest accusations and all the accusers had you questioning was it true. I held out. But, when he admitted in 2005 that he gave drugs to a young woman to have sex with her it made me change my opinion. The women said that they couldn’t remember the sex in some instances. It’s like being roofied. Totally makes you question folks.


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