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It’s Not Really Free

Last week I’m sitting in this dang timeshare presentation in Alexandria, VA. I was lured by the 4 free airline tickets that I was offered. Oh, yeah I wasn’t under any obligation to buy. It’s a couple of days before the 4th and I’m just trying to save money wherever I can so it seemed like a good idea in the beginning.

Here’s what happened, so I filled out to win some free crap like $25,000 or a free car because I’m a sucker for a sweepstakes and they called to offer for me to attend this dang presentation. They stressed I’m under no obligation to buy. Um, sure why not?

Now for my confession. I have been in a perpetual funk for the last couple of weeks. Dealing with my ex and co-parenting drama were overwhelming me. I felt as though I was drowning. It didn’t help that I had a funeral in the midst of this and a crying munch who was upset that he was going back to his dad who felt he was strong enough to resume visitation. That’s another story that I will share later.

So, as you can see I was going through it. I cried every night. Felt overwhelmed by the thought that I was just like I was two years ago. Depressed and wanting this nightmare to end because I didn’t deserve it. I was praying constantly and telling my close friends and family that I wasn’t strong enough. That I wasn’t prepared for this battle. They would say, “Yes, you are. You’re stronger than you think.” What did they know right?

I would pray to God why me? Why do I have to keep enduring? Why do I have to keep pushing on? I needed help. As you can see, I was going through a rough storm on a billowy sea in a sinking ship and I felt as though no one could help me. I mean God was ignoring me right?


I attended the timeshare presentation amidst torrential rains and I invited my best friend  along to stop me from doing anything foolish. Like buying something I can’t afford at the moment. She of course came with me. The man who did my presentation introduced himself as Troy and started to sell me on the plan. He was different though. I had been in timeshare presentations before, but he was personable and engaging and not pushy. Uh oh. I’m in trouble I thought.

We talked about the money and he kept presenting lower options. He asked, “What can I do to get you into one?” “Nothing right now” was my reply. I explained that I don’t want to get too personal, but some things I can foresee are coming down the pike and I need to prepare for the inevitable and can’t afford to buy a timeshare.” I explained I was there for the free gifts only. I told him how this is so hard and I feel like I’m not strong enough to navigate some of my issues when it comes to my co-parenting struggles. He looked at me and said, “You are strong enough. Let me tell you why.” He then explains that his children have been missing since September of last year and he gets up everyday to go to work because he has to provide for his other child and pay investigators to find his children. He said he believes they will be found.

With tears in my eyes I said “I’m trying not to cry. But, I am a woman of faith. I believe that God put me here in this place tonight to hear your testimony. To see your strength. To know that even though the road seems rocky I can do it.” I thanked him and admired his strength because I wouldn’t be able to move if my munch were missing. I told him that I would pray and share the kids information. I did pray. I am praying and I thank God for bringing this stranger in my life to remind me that he has not forgotten me. That he can see the pain that I am in and hear the despair in my weary cries but he’s not forgotten. He sent me a witness to remind me that I can go through it because this man is going through it.

And you know what? I can. This presentation wasn’t really free because I received so much by sitting in this man’s presence. To realize that he wakes up everyday not seeing his children in their beds. He has God’s grace and mercy all over him. His testimony reminds us that God is still in the blessing business. He blessed me. So, please pass and share the message of #FindSarahFindJacob with everyone. This wonderful father, Troy, and the children’s family need them home. He hasn’t given up hope that his children are alive and neither should we. Let’s be a blessing to him by sharing the message and getting the word out. Police believe the children are dead. But, I ask you this…would you give up on finding your missing children? Would you want me to share information about them?

Please re-blog, repost and share on Facebook. Let’s find his children.

Here’s the story that ran locally about the missing children: FindSarahFindJacob



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