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TBT – A Perfect Puppy Party

Hey Everyone!

In my Throwback Thursday moment I’m featuring my munch’s second birthday party which was a beautiful puppy party. Absolutely perfect! We had the cutest decor and cake and it was awesome. Again, we had a lot of folks that came out to his party and we realized that people just love our son.

Again an awesome blessing to have. He’ll be 8 in 6 months, but I wanted to feature him monthly up until his 8th birthday with a monthly throwback. At the age of two he was talking up a storm. Half of it we couldn’t understand, but we were happy there was sound because the pediatrican was worried that he was only saying 3 words clearly at 18 months.

He was a big boy who loved taking his time doing things including walking. He didn’t walk until 15 months and I yelled, “Thank you Jesus” because he was heavy. He was so laid back and this was the age that we discovered he loved stuffed animals. He still loves them and half of his full-size bed is covered with his animals. It’s crazy and kinda cool.

His second birthday was when he got the best gift ever…a stuffed dog that looked like our real dog, Bailey. He carried him everywhere and still has that dog. He named him Puppy Thomas. LOL!

Here are some photos:





  1. MY son is getting ready to be one in 4 days and my mom worries about how many words he is using but I feel that babies come into their own on their own time. He’s doing a lot of other great things and as long as he is growing and developing that is what matters. Thanks for sharing this memory !

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