Flash Back Friday – 05.04.18

Hey Everyone,

I’m doing a flash back Friday to last Sunday when I gave Munch his 10th birthday party. He had a great time and I’m in awe and blessed over the friends and family we have. His cake was amazing and they took real good care of us at Dave & Buster’s.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on social media and here on my page. He read every comment and relished the accolades. The cutest thing was that he asked my godson is it cool being in the double digits. He told him “Yeah.” LOL. Welcome to the Big 10!


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April 30

Today is the last day of the A to Z Challenge. Woohoo. I survived. It was hit or miss some days, but I made it.


More importantly, today is Munch’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe that I have a child in the double digits.


It’s been an amazing journey these last few years. This little boy who was determined to survive in my womb regardless of all the things going on around him has proved that his spirit is unbreakable. I remind him of that.

He’s a fighter.

When I thought I had lost him and when I got to sick to continue being pregnant he fought. He was my God send. Ten years later I still feel the same way.

He woke up zappy this morning. I fixed him his birthday breakfast and added a candle to his fruit. He loved that. He asked for breakfast in bed next year. LOL. I’m taking orders now. As we drove to school he asked that I call the school and ask them to make an announcement that today is his birthday. Really?

Only my child. He has to be the center of attention. I am still glowing from birthday kisses and birthday hugs that made my day just as special.

We celebrated all weekend and with each passing moment, I was even more in awe that I am raising an incredible young man. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s the best thing I ever did. I guess I can’t say he’s still my baby, but he will always be that to me.

This post was part of the A2Z challenge and the letter “Z” is for Zappy. My posts were written as a journal style for the challenge on the theme: Mothering While Black. I hope you enjoyed it.

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43 Life Lessons

Today is my birthday. My 43rd to be exact. I’m ecstatic. I’ve lived to see another year. I’m so blessed. Life hasn’t always been easy, but I’m a firm believer that there is a lesson in the midst of chaos. I’ve learned a lot over the years. So, I want to share with you the 43 life lessons that I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Life isn’t fair.
  2. Show up and show out.
  3. Be intentional.
  4. Love like there’s no tomorrow.
  5. Forgive yourself.
  6. Forgive others.
  7. Love yourself truly, madly and deeply.
  8. Believe.
  9. Have hope.
  10. Have faith.
  11. Make better choices.
  12. Leave if you want too.
  13. Leave if you need too.
  14. Choose you.
  15. Choose happiness.
  16. Release negative people.
  17. Release negative thoughts.
  18. Trust again.
  19. Get therapy.
  20. Set goals.
  21. Achieve your goals.
  22. Meditate.
  23. Protect your brand/name.
  24. Love again.
  25. Tell people you love them.
  26. Own your truth.
  27. Travel.
  28. Drink wine.
  29. Love what you do.
  30. Journal.
  31. Be willing to change.
  32. Pray.
  33. Take plenty of pictures.
  34. Smile often.
  35. Get a yearly check-up.
  36. Exercise occasionally. LOL.
  37. Drink water.
  38. Do what you love.
  39. Find your purpose.
  40. Write your own rules.
  41. Re-write your rules if you feel like it.
  42. Give freely.
  43. Dream often and in color.



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Day 2: My Niece

I had to send a special thankfulness post to my beautiful niece. In this #23DaysofThankfulness post, I wanted to highlight this amazing young lady that I’ve been blessed to know, love and watch grow into the great woman that she is today. My niece is a sophomore in college and is a cheerleader for her school. What makes her so amazing? Her fighting spirit.

See, my niece is 19 today. Happy Birthday Princess! Auntie loves you more than you could ever imagine.

Nineteen years ago today, I was blessed to witness the birth of my first niece. It was an epic experience as that was the first time ever that I had witnessed a live birth and just being there with my sister and her husband watching life come into this world overwhelmed me with such joy. She was a preemie. She was born eight weeks early. We were so worried, but the doctors told us that her weight being 5 pounds even was a great sign.

She was in NICU and her dad and I went to visit her. She was so tiny and beautiful. I put my hand through the holes in her glass incubator and rubbed her chest as she screamed, crying and oblivious to the world around her. I said “Princess, don’t cry. Your daddy is right here with me.” No lie, she stopped crying, opened her eyes and looked right at her dad. He started crying like a baby.

A fighter was born.

And just like those many years ago that she was fighting for stronger lungs and a low birth weight, she’s continued to make us proud. In everything she does. It was at the age of 16 that my princess suffered a mental break down. I watched this strong and vibrant girl crumble from the things in her mind. I loved harder.

I admired my sister for her continued strength to love and encourage her daughter as well as mother her other two children while being a full-time working wife. Can you imagine having to do all that? I was thankful for it all. My niece brought mental health closer to home for us. She helped us understand her needs. She grew super close to my mom and we just loved each other more.

Throughout her mental health struggles we learned to love and learn how we can help. We encourage each other. We encourage her. We are thankful for the opportunities that her school provides with free therapy and her own room. What a blessing! So, my day two of my #23DaysofThankfulness is for my niece. Thank you for making me love a little harder, learn more about mental health and just living this beautiful life. You are loved and appreciated more than you know.



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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!  The 4th of July commemorates our adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence said that Americans were no longer under British rule. Instead, the thirteen British colonies came together to become our own country.

I know it seems that we live in a country of over stimulation and unpopularity, but it is still a great country. Not by those who choose to discriminate against us, but by the people who want and know how awesome America is. There is a lot wrong with us right now, but we are still here united and determined to make this country a great one.

One of the most famous passages of the Declaration of Independence is “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”


Remember that we are all created equally. We all have rights. We give government power. We are one. Happy 4th of July America!


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It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I’m 42. I’m going to work. I’m not taking off. I’m not ashamed of growing older. I just keep laughing and wondering where the time went. I used to be afraid of watching the year turn, but no more.


Growing old is an honor. One that I intend to embrace. I’ve gotten healthier and I’m happier. I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago and all my labs look great. I had even lost 10 pounds since I last saw him. I still have weight that I want to lose, but I was inspired by the scale since I started reading labels and watching my carbs.

What is my wish? That 2017 be amazing!

That’s it.

I’ve come along way and I have many miles to go. I will keep learning and keep growing. I will keep writing. 42 is just a number and you know what? I’m happy to have made it.


Today is Prince’s Birthday

Yes, today is Prince’s birthday. I will drink purple flavored drinks, think peaceful thoughts and listen to your music as I work out. I will go home later and climb in bed and watch Purple Rain wondering what the world will do without an incredible artist. Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson! Rest in Paradise brother!


Munch Madness

Hey Loves,

As promised here are some photos from Munch’s party on the 30th of April. Munch turned 8 and I have to tell you that it has been interesting. Already. I keep looking at this boy wondering why he’s growing up so fast and trying to make sure that I am not going to lose my mind because of some of the slick stuff he says out of his mouth.

I hope this smart mouthed response phase passes soon or I will be writing about the son who used to live with me. The child formerly called Munch. The boy I birthed and sold to the circus because he lost his dang mind. LOL.

But, it was a beautiful time. He hadn’t had a birthday party in 3 years. I wanted to throw him a party to just honor the boy he’s become. The boy who endured so much when his parents first split up. The boy who is adjusting to the custody schedule. The boy who makes me laugh when I don’t feel like it or gives me kisses to make me feel better.

That kid. That was the one that I wanted to throw a party for. To show him that he is loved, appreciated and wanted more than anything in this world. I wanted him to know that he will always and forever be loved, wanted and blessed.

However, trying to organize a birthday party and a move within a week of each other was rough. I thank God for my friends. My best friend Nikki did a lot with my move and then came through with the birthday party stuff the following week. She was picking up the balloons and setting up the place for me.

Why? Because I was a wreck. I hadn’t even ordered the food. I damaged the cake while I was transporting it. I was at the store the day of the party picking up a veggie platter, fruit platter, sodas, water and juice boxes. My trunk still had stuff from the move and I was picking up kids for the party. Yep, it was that kind of day.

My girlfriend Sherie came in and helped Nikki set-up. Oh and Rachel and Christine and all the wonderful mothers who came in and just did stuff. Do you know that I am thankful for each and every one of them? There were many other parents who offered to help but the other ladies were handling it and I was so overwhelmed with gratitude I just asked them to enjoy the festivities.

When it was over we had to be out of the room at the exact time or they would have charged me extra. The kids could still swim until the pool closed, but we had to be out of the party room. We had 15 minutes. Can you say rushed?

These parents stacked up chairs, folded tables, removed decorations, dumped trash and swept the floor that I couldn’t do or say anything other than thank you. I’m still saying thank you. I told you before that God has blessed me and my son with some wonderful friends and family who just come in and do stuff. We are ever grateful.

Oh and before you ask…Yes, my son’s father was invited. So, was his family. They all came. They had a good time and my son was happy. That was the most important thing. He was happy.

We may be getting good at this co-parenting thing after all. LOL. Pray for us.






What’s New?

Hey Folks!

I’ve missed ya’ll so much. It has been so busy these last couple of weeks that I feel a major rest coming on. But, I wanted to let you know some things:

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I read about it on Sunday night. So, you know I haven’t done anything right? Don’t fret loves. I’m not going to forget my Munch’s teachers. I never do. We have a wonderful PTSA who gives you a suggestion of what you should do for your teachers each week:

Teacher Appreciation Week – Day-by-Day

Day Teacher Appreciation Example
Monday Fruit Day


Bring your teacher a piece of fruit and give them a healthy day!

·         Apple

·         Oranges

·         Bananas

·         Pears



Say “Thank You” Day


Students and Parents can write “Thank You” notes to the teachers

·         Thank You Card

·         Gift Card with a Thank You

·         Thank You Balloon

Wednesday Teacher Supply Day


Deliver a  needed school supply to the class

·         Pack of Paper

·         Dry Erase Markers

·         Sticky Notes

Thursday Teachers Luncheon  / Kids Bring Dessert


The teachers will receive a delicious lunch from the PTSA!

·         Individual Size

·         Cookies, Cake, Pie



Teacher’s Candy Day


Bring your Teacher’s Favorite Candy

·         Snickers


Handy huh? So, Munch will still do it but at the end of the week because I am so last minute with everything. I love and value his teachers so this is a pretty reasonable list. Good news though, we finally figured out what we’re going to give. Munch and I decided that we would buy an electric pencil sharpener with some pencils and some fruit and candy on Friday.

I’m overwhelmed. How overwhelmed? I’m still living in boxes. Slowly unpacking and trying to get organized. I was exhausted last week with cleaning my old spot and Munch’s party that I think I unpacked a cumulative of 2 boxes. Two. Out of 20 remaining.


Munch’s birthday was last Saturday with a party honoring his 8 years on this earth. He’s hilarious. He woke up saying…

Munch:  Umm, excuse me Mommy?

Me: Yes, love.

Munch:  Today’s my birthday and you didn’t say Happy Birthday.

Me: Dude, you just woke up. Give me a second.

I screamed “Happy Birthday Baby!” and provided lots of hugs, kisses and giggles.

We had a busy day on Saturday with his 9 am swim test for Level 3. He didn’t pass. He cried. He also said he needed a new swim instructor and wanted me to talk to him. LOL. All the signs of an only child who is showing signs of entitlement. I politely said “No, I saw you mess up on the exam and these are important things you need so next time we’ll just try harder.” He wasn’t too happy.

We didn’t have long to reflect on it because off to the soccer field we had to go. He had a game at 10:30. He was in a melancholy mood but his spirits improved when he saw his team and rushed to the sidelines. His team won their game. They are 4-1. It was a great birthday gift.


I wrote the letter to him  last week for his birthday and read it to him on his birthday. I asked him did he like it and he told me that he didn’t like. I laughed and said okay. You’re entitled to not like everything.

However, all this week if I’m upset about something, he’ll say “Are you mad because I didn’t like the letter you wrote?”Really Munch? This kid.

He loved the video I made for him. Check it out here: https://flipagram.com/f/oSbbC1jMeM

I didn’t take any photos of the party because I hired a photographer and was preoccupied trying to get the place set-up. Thank God for all of my phenomenal friends who came through and we’re helping to set-up and take down. More on that later. Here are some photos I did take. Check out the cake.



Finally, we’re still going through the psychological evaluation and the doctor did the intelligence testing last night. He said that they didn’t get a chance to finish, but he’s truly impressed from what he’s seen now. He keeps telling us that our son is smarter than most kids his age and with an advanced vocabulary he’s being ostracized by other kids. I get that he’s smart, but I also know that my son doesn’t want to apply himself if he’s not interested. So, what do you do? When you have a child who is brilliant but doesn’t want to do the work? He’s bored, but we can’t all do what makes us happy can we? Ugh!

Mother’s Day is Sunday and Munch and I are taking my mom out to dinner. I’m excited. So is Munch. He likes Mother’s Day and I’m going to encourage him to make some home made love this weekend. We like homemade love.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll be back next week to my regularly scheduled program. You are all missed and I thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus. I’ve gained some new followers and met some great connections. Thank you for being you.


Munch Turns 8

Happy Birthday to My Little Prince!


My Dearest Munch:

As we are celebrating your 8th birthday today I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how extremely proud of you I am. I’m proud of the little boy that you’re becoming. You’re smart, creative and easy going. For that I am thankful.

I’ve always referred to you as my anointed gift and each day you continue to remind me how God has blessed me with being your mother. From your infectious laugh, your angry pout and your determined spirit you continue to challenge me to be better. I am and I will. 

I pray that you know that no matter what I love you. I may be stern some days and frustrated at you but know that it is because I know that you can do better. I want you to be better, but above all I want you to try. That’s it. Just Try.

Life isn’t fair. You’ve endured your share of heartaches and disappointments, but I promise you that our God is the same always. He never changes. So with that in mind there are 8 things that I want to share with you on your 8th birthday:

  1. Try your best. I know I keep saying this but it is so true love. Your best is good enough for me when I know you’ve tried. You have to try knowing that sometimes you will fail and that’s okay as long as you’ve tried your best.
  2. Be not afraid. Don’t be afraid to speak up when people are doing things to you that you know are not right. Speak up and use your words and voice as a way to correct or call attention to the situation. I don’t want you to ever be afraid of telling someone when you feel that something is wrong. Be not afraid love.
  3. Grades matter, but your ability to comprehend the work matters more. I don’t care if you get a C in math if I know that you tried your best and in the end you struggled but you finally understood something. This is an important lesson Munch. Your grades tell one part of the story, but you need to understand the work first and foremost. 
  4. You don’t need a lot of friends. I see you get discouraged when kids don’t want to play with you or they don’t want to be your friend. It’s okay. You have to know that not everyone will like you. Some will even resent you. That is their issue and not yours. Don’t worry about it. Keep being polite and just focus on the people who want to play with you. 
  5. Don’t stop dreaming. Dreams are an integral part of life. You must have dreams Munch. Dreams matter. Your dreams matter. Never stop dreaming.
  6. Give it to God. I know that last year caught you by surprise when Bailey (your dog) died. You didn’t understand. Your tears and wails about why won’t God raise Bailey from the dead like he did Jesus broke my heart. But, God hears all and sees all baby. He knows your pain and in time that pain was lessened. Keep giving it to God.
  7. It’s okay to be different. I know that you feel like an outsider sometimes, but it is okay to be different. Each one of us was uniquely created and what makes us different is our differences. Respect those differences and embrace them.
  8. Mind your manners. I know that we keep working on this, but I think it is important that you say  “yes sir”, “no ma’m”. I want you to continue give respect daily. 

My sweet boy, I want you to know that 8 is going to be different. We live in a different home. You’ll be spending more time with me than with your dad, but you need to know that you are loved tremendously by both of us. Your school will change. You will make new friends. You will be okay and you are more than enough.