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Guest Blogging Opportunity

Hey Everybody,

I decided to follow in the footsteps of my fellow blogger, Healing Mama, and think about featuring other bloggers on my blog. It gets difficult sometimes to write because of conflicting schedules, mommy hood, business and now the holiday season coming into the mix. So, I want to give you an opportunity to be a guest blogger here.

Topics? Anything as long is it in line with my moral and ethical beliefs. LOL! I’m pretty open and believe in freedom of expression so the topics could be limitless.

Interested? Then send me an email at tikeetha@athomaspointofview.com



    1. Thank you Steven! Would love for you to guest post. I love your blog. Send me your document in word with your bio and I would love to post it. I will send you one as well. Thank you!


  1. Excellent, I will get to work – please suggest a general subject. And, for your guest post on my site, any thing you want to post discussing financial planning topics would be great – from planning you have done, like your car insurance, to concerns you have for which you want to plan to issues you see friends struggling with for which they need a plan. Okay? Thanks, Steven

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