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The Fat Tales: Role Model

Sometimes I feel like supermom. I can do anything…

Credit Illustration by Nishant Choksi
Credit Illustration by Nishant Choksi

Other times I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends.


But, I keep trying. I keep striving. I keep pushing forward. In my desire to eat and live a healthier lifestyle I realized that there are some things that I just have to do. I have to commit to it. I have to read labels. I have to reduce sugars.

Well, as a parent it gets hard. But there are those little rewards that you get when your son reminds you that he is watching. That I am a living example of trying to just make healthier choices.

Munch showed me that he watches me. Let me tell you what happened… I fixed him breakfast yesterday and he didn’t eat much. I fix him the same thing every day: one waffle, three pieces of bacon, a bowl of fresh fruit (ex. watermelon, grapes or apple slices) and a glass with 1/3 orange juice.

Munch said that he was finished eating. I went and looked at his still full plate where he ate one piece of bacon and ate only 3 pieces of watermelon. I said, “Munch, you didn’t eat anything.” He responded “I’m full.” I was irate. I said “You’re wasting food. What do you want me to fix you for breakfast?” He responded, “I’m watching my sugars. I want one waffle with no syrup and one piece of bacon and 3 pieces of watermelon.”

I smiled. My determination to focus on mindful eating and healthier living is impacting munch. He is watching. He is listening. He wants to watch his sugar intake. It was a proud mommy moment.


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