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Three Things That I Want You to Know – 12/5/15

Traveling and then heading back to motherhood and work has been exhausting this week. But, it’s good because I missed the heck out of my munch and he is the reason that I know my purpose. He’s an incredibly resilient little boy with a spirit of grace that soothes my soul.

So, here are three things that I want you to know for Saturday, December 5, 2015.

  1. It’s 20 days until Christmas and I haven’t started Christmas shopping. Ugh! Everyone may get a gift card.
  2. I love Christmas and can’t wait to put up my Christmas tree on December 11th when my munch comes back.
  3. I’m really thinking about writing and sharing some of the sensitive conversations that I had with my dad for all of you folks. I’m struggling, but let me know your thoughts.

I think that’s it. I need to go grab a cup of coffee, stop my mail hold at the post office and head to the gym because I have hair and nail appointments today. He and I have a date later this evening and I want to be exceptionally beautiful. Breathtaking! LOL!

See you Monday folks!


  1. Sharing sensitive informatio is extremely personal. If you feel like you are ready to share it with the world,then do it. The thing with the online world is there are no take backs. At least not most of the time. Hope you enjoy your date,and your weekend.

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      1. Get the coffee, that’s a lot easier. Lol. I also want my blog to be as honest as possible. But when I still have conflict on wether to post something or not, I hold off for sometimes. I recently did a post about reconnecting with my family, and I had been afraid that they may not like it. It helps that none of them read my blog-they know it exists though-ended up posting anyway. No backlash yet, so far,but I am ready to deal with it when it does.

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  2. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping either!! lol I agree with Deb about sharing the personal when you are ready. Hope you have lots of fun with your munch setting up the tree!

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  3. Your lil Munch is seriously the cutest lil boy I have ever seen. His picture on your page even makes me happy! And my husband and I just went to the mall to start Christmas shopping yesterday and it was insane- but I have to admit, I made have ended up buying more for myself than others. Christmas shopping is dangerous.

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  4. I agree with everyone else and I also feel that your openness could help heal someone’s brokenness. Trying to help heal someone’s brokenness is one of the reasons I wanted to start my blog. I haven’t been very open and personal yet, but I plan to let my readers in soon! Thanks for being an inspiration! I hope you enjoyed your date!

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  5. I share some very personal glimpses into my life; however, I never use real names (except mine) and I leave out or gloss over parts that are a little too close to home. You need to do what feels best for you. I do feel sometimes that it is good to get it out in the open. The other thing you can do is to find someone in the blogging community that you feel comfortable with and see if you can start a private conversation through email. I have a couple of those going on.

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