Can I just say that I’m exhausted? Between trying to get healthier, sleep deprivation, cooking meals, attending PTSA meetings, planning a birthday party, working, writing, blogging, dating, helping with homework, washing clothes, getting my car serviced and trying not to forget what I keep forgetting, I’m exhausted.

When I saw the service engine light come on in my newly repaired car, I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl up in the fetal position and cry. Why? Because this season has found me bound and gag with disappointments, trials and tribulations. I wake up and with strangled voice whisper “God, please give me continued strength to endure.” Not much more to say.

God sees all and knows all and I’m not giving up, but the hits keep coming and like a prized and determined fighter I keep getting back up. I can’t pretend that I’m not mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually drained. I am. I am asking for a refill in my happy tank. My happy bucket needs filling. I’m human.

So, while I ponder ways to refill my happy bucket let me encourage you with this…

You can endure. The road you’re traveling may seem desolate and dreary, but you are not alone. My problems may not be yours and yours are not mine but we are one. We are kindred spirits and we will not be defeated by life’s problems or situations. We will crawl, walk or carry each other because that is what we’re supposed to do. Believe that there will be an end and we will survive.



  1. I feel the same way these past few days. I am trying to “refill my happy tank”. I am tired and exhausted but I need to get going or else I’ll be stuck receiving the hits and blows of life. Great post! The first that I read today.

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  2. Yes, being a mom does exhaust us. And if you’re a single mom it’s even more so. But waking up and looking at that baby boy is happiness. When we wake up and give thanks for what we have already we are reminded how lucky we are. Wow. I need to write that for myself just as much as share it with you. Funny how that works sometimes. Wishing you a happiness refill today

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  3. Thanks for this positive message! Although I am not a mother, I can totally relate. I am trying to learn how to balance everything that I have to do and usually when I am overwhelmed, I just stop everything completely and take a break and usually too many breaks. So I am trying not to runaway so easily when things become too much and endure it and learn how to balance with it. One day at a time I keep telling myself. Pray you balance everything and get happppy! (just imagine me singing Pharrell’s song lol)

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