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My Baby is Black and Beautiful

Yes, he is. Can you tell that I’m proud? Just a little huh? This week has been a rough one, but I’m happy to say that we finished the PTSA program last night with my sweet munch doing an awesome job.

The PTSA program was a hit. All the children and performances were wonderful. I love his school. They encourage these children and let me tell you that the PTSA is very active and encouraging to me as a parent. For that, I am thankful.

MunchΒ looked handsome for the ladies last night. Which is what he said. He actually told me that he wanted to wear this shirt and tie because he would say “Good-bye men and Hello Ladies!” WTH? I was floored.

He did look handsome though and his black is beautiful.

Here are some pictures:


If you would like to check out his video of the performance, you can watch it below:



    1. Let me tell you…when you do you will forever be changed. I’m a better human being because of him. Children change you sis. In ways that you can’t imagine. You become a mother, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, an advocate, an activist and a spiritual guide. But, you know what? You realize that you were meant to be all those things.

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      1. I’ve got the fever to have children. I’m in my 30s. It wasn’t something I wanted before and thank God because I’m lucky to not have children by my abuser. But now I’m in a different state of mind so my views chanced. I pray it’s not too late

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  1. That there is a STUD! That smile is alone enough to melt any girls heart when he gets older. Of course you being super mom he will know to treat all women like a true lady because of his upbringing. Adorable pictures and I told you he would do just fine :).

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    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, I was shocked. We had only rehearsed the night before which is why he had to read it. But, he did a good job. I’m proud. I just don’t want him worrying about the girls yet. LOL. Too young

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      1. Thank you so much for following. I am definitely following back. I just wanted to encourage you to continue being in the moment with your sweet son. It seems like it was only yesterday that my son was little like that. He’s now 22 years old and a senior in college. Where does the time go?

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      2. Thank you so much for your kind words. My mom told me that when I couldn’t believe he was starting day care. She said that time flies and he’ll be walking across the stage at graduation. Capture every moment.

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