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The Bubble Chronicles

Well before I had children, I decided that if I had children they would play in bubbles. They would wear all white and never get dirty or catch germs from grimy hands of other children. Mud and dirt wouldn’t exist in my home. Only giggles, sunshine and white. White was a pure color. White was beautiful.

Then I became a mother and reality set in. Munch was a preemie so I was overly scared of people bringing germs to my baby. Everyone had to wash and sterilize their hands up to their elbows and then put a clean blanket across your outside clothes and then you could touch him. No kissing him though.

You could kiss his feet only. Unless you were his mom or dad. Apparently, my mom thought she was the mother too because she was kissing all over my newborn’s sweet preemie face. I was livid. She didn’t care. Ugh! Mothers!

Back to the point…so I did everything I could to protect my little one’s immune system. I was trying to keep him healthy. He was the most sickliest little child. Always sick. Always a cold. A respiratory infection. Always something. He got swine flu at 18 months. He missed three weeks of daycare.

Every parent told me that it is a good thing when your child is really sick as an infant because that means when they get to school he will have developed a stronger immune system. Really? I fell for it.

Now my Munch doesn’t just get sick on a regular and consistent basis. He gets obscure illnesses that we’ve never heard of and are on the local health department’s website. Remember last year he got shigella? Well guess what folks? This year it is scarlet fever. Yes, scarlet freaking fever.

I thought that they had eradicated that back in the early 1900’s. Apparently it is still around and mainly affects children between the ages of 5 and 15. The exact time last year he had shigella he gets scarlet fever. This is also on the health department’s disease control list. Yep, that probably means another quarantine unless their lab confirms that he is symptom free.

His dad and I are wondering what’s next?

My best friend said “Maybe he should go in the bubble”. Yeah, that’s it. The bubble doesn’t seem so bad now huh?






    1. Thanks Stephanie! I’m like WTH? Scarlet fever? He’s on antibiotics and is sick. Low grade fever. He has the rash and strep throat but thankfully the fever is not as bad as it could get.

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    1. He’s resting. He has strep throat and a low grade fever. The rash is everywhere but he’s in good spirits. He’s eating normally and is sleeping a lot. They have him on antibiotics and all activities were cancelled this week. So, his only day out will be on Saturday. He’s enjoying the time to do what he wants anyway. The fever is still low grade…99 or 100.

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      1. Hope he’s feeling better…my boys used to get sick ALL the time. They were preemies too. And I mean literally all the time. They even got the foot, mouth and hand disease once in preschool. It was awful! But with time, and as they grew a little bit their illnesses became sporadic. A fever here and there. Hopefully it stays that way. Kisses to you…

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  1. Scarlet Fever? I thought that was in the realm of bubonic (spelling?) plague and/or polio. I know it’s not but in my black and white mind, it’s a biggin’. My boys rarely get sick and this is gross but I don’t really make them wash their hands in the bathroom at home. School and public, hell yeah. When the nanny called me out on this, I lied through my teeth. “Of coarse I make them wash their hands! What they say I don’t either. Those boys…..” Maybe Munch should just stop washing his hands at home?

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    1. I know right? Apparently it is more common than we imagine. The issue is that most parents don’t know that its scarlet fever. The key is the rash on the trunk of their body. But, you can just brush it off as an allergic reaction. It wasn’t until the strep test combined with the rash came back positive that it was confirmed as scarlet fever. LMAO, I’m willing to try anything, but that. He’s 8 and we haven’t mastered wiping the butt that well. I have to help him so he can get a wife someday.

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      1. I just laughed out loud for several reasons, especially that last comment! As a mother of son I can relate. Yesterday I went into the restroom to find turds, without toilet paper obviously not flushed!


  2. Oh my! I am sorry that he has went through such diseases at such a young age. I know how difficult it must have been for you as a parent. My prayers and thoughts goes to the both of you. Perhaps having a bubble could suffice for him. Much love.


  3. Oh no! I hope he gets better as quickly as possible!! I think I was a child like that, getting the most random things. I never really had just the common cold. My breaking point was grade 1. In grade one EVERYTHING happened to me. I missed so much school they almost made me repeat it. The worst was whooping cough – which everyone thought wasn’t around anymore either. I missed almost a full month of school. For a few years, every spring I would get strep throat – one year it almost turned into scarlet fever. BUT the good news was! After grade one, everything just magically stopped! Not even so much as the sniffles for the rest of elementary school (I’m talking all the way to grade 8) I hope this is the same for Munch and that this will be his year of sickness ending!


  4. O my! Bless his little heart; do give him my well wishes Tikeetha 💕😫. I love the bubble picture by the way! 😊

    I’m not sure if you know of Khemmy Flowers, if not healthyself360.com same on Twitter…but I encourage you to consult her. She has natural herbal treatments for a bit of everything including immune health. I’ve used her cleanse and so have some of friends and family. I really tell everyone to speak with her, because she knows her stuff. Love you Sis! Stay encouraged. 💕


  5. I hope he recovers soon from the bloody fever because it seems terrible. However, I cant help saying that one cant protect another from any kind of germs or disease at all. Germs somehow manage to reach one person. So being so over protective regarding him getting hugged, touched or kissed is not right. However, my prayers are with him and dont strain yourself much. Soon Munch will be better making you smile.

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  6. Scarlet Fever? Did you move to 18th century Europe? That really sucks, and wow you do have a bullseye for the obscure illnesses. At this rate you are going to have to get scripts filled at the CDC instead of CVS. Give munch a high five from me and I’ll work some Skipah voodoo on the Washington area germ pool!

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    1. I know right? Apparently it is much more common and parents just don’t know that their kids have it. LOL, yep scripts at the CDC instead of CVS and of course I’ll give him a high five from you.

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  7. Sorry he is sick so much!
    Scarlet fever is just strep throat with a rash, it’s actually pretty common. Mostly we don’t call it that anymore because people freak out.
    Weird factoid: dogs can carry it and not be sick.
    Better luck this cold and flu season!

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  8. Yep my eldest went through a stage like this! Luckily she’s pretty good now and hardly catches anything! The baby on the other hand never caught anything, now at 2, is ill all the time, catches everything! Can’t win I don’t think! Hope he gets well soon!! #momsterlink

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  9. My kids were never sick as infants but I tell you what … When they started preschool it was a constant something and when my son started kindergarten last year he was out of school for 4 days the first two weeks for pink eye which he of course then spread to his sisters. And they just kept spreading it around and around and I washed 3 sets of sheets, everyday, for 2 weeks. Scarlet fever though is so scary! I hope he is ok and hopefully escapes this year without getting sick. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and hope to see you again tomorrow! I apologize for my delay in commenting as the summer has disrupted all of my blogging routine.

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