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Dead Beat Parents

Okay, so I have a bone to pick with dead beat parents. The ones that know that they have children and they do nothing to financially support their children. This applies to both male and female parents. I’m not picking on one gender.

Let me explain this clearly…

It costs money to raise children. You can’t raise children on sunshine and rainbows. Can they eat that? No. Can they walk to school or catch the bus on cotton balls? No. They need shoes. They can’t go to school naked. They need clothes.

I don’t care if you make minimum wage or a million dollars you have to provide for your children. That is a parent’s responsibility. Don’t want to be a parent? Don’t have sex. EVER. Why not? Because it is a possibility that you could become one.

I will NEVER EVER believe that it is okay for a parent to shirk their financial obligations to their children. The minute they were formed in that woman’s womb and you knew you were going to be a parent you should step up and do more. It is possible. Anything’s possible.

I provide support for my son. My ex-husband provides support for our son. It is not 50/50, but it’s acceptable. I provide my son’s health, dental and vision expenses solely. We split childcare. When my son is with him he feeds and clothes him. When he’s with me, I do the same.

I provide about 60% of my son’s care. This means that I pay for all his activities (swim lessons, guitar lessons, soccer, etc) and supplies (guitar, soccer cleats, balls, swim trunks, etc). I buy school supplies and tennis shoes. His dad buys school clothes. His dad isn’t working at the moment, but is still keeping up his end of the bargain with getting his son’s hair cut, feeding and clothing him.

Oh and he does the extras that I admire even though he’s not working. Being available to take him to doctors/dentists appointments on my week, following the school bus the first day of school to make sure that his son got on the right bus and got off the bus, getting his hair cut and splitting childcare expenses.

Now, if my ex-husband who is not working and is able to provide why the hell can’t some of these dead beat parents do the same? I mean what is the issue. I don’t care if you have to get a part-time job or sell yourself on the side to make ends meet you should always be able to provide something for your child. There is no excuse.

What’s even worse is that some of these parents think this is acceptable parenting. Let me help you…It’s not. When you don’t pay child support and you don’t have custody of your child it is a damn shame that you don’t buy your kids school clothes, tennis shoes, birthday or Christmas gifts. You then sit up there and act like you’re parent of the year.

You are not! You’re a joke. You need to step up and do better. Male or female. You need to know that these children have needs and you need to be able to meet those needs. Financially.

Okay, rant over!


  1. My guess is many of these parents are delusional, oh and feel their s $%& doesn’t stink. “Ex makes 85k, I shouldn’t have to pay with my $32 salary” or “He cheated on me. I’m not pitching in”. These a— holes shouldn’t even be labeled dead beat parent as the title has the word parent in it and they don’t deserve it. Bc this is your blog, I will keep the cursing off but I’m thinking more like “Dead Beat f$%&-ups”. No?

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      1. Oh friend! Don’t tempt me like that! Another sub group of these dead beat f$%&-ups are the ones who are just down right nasty to their kid(s), because obviously kindness takes too much effort???

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  2. A worthy rant. I don’t have a lot of money but I make sure my daughter has the best I can afford to give her. She doesn’t go without. No -her paternal father doesn’t want to see her or pay for her and that is fine with me. I am lucky and so is she that my husband has been her Dad since she was 3 months old. I also have help from my Great Nan and my Mom- my Dad never helped my Mom. My Nan- overcompensated for his lack. I love him but you have a point. I would love to have another child with Gaz but we don’t have the money. We are struggling. We have sex and I am fitted with the non-IUD coil.
    Love is powerful and faith is great but in this increasingly harsh world we live in- money is a means to an end.

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