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The Cicadas Are Back

Okay, so Cicadas are out now in Maryland. I’ve been seeing them everywhere on my Facebook feed. I’m grossed out and fascinated at the same time. Why? Because I hate bugs. All kinds of bugs.

I remember the first time I had to kill a spider after separating from my ex-husband. I almost died. That sucker was huge. Ugh! I am still having anxiety attacks about it.

But, back to Cicadas. They are these nasty looking bugs that have big eyes and are loud. Apparently, they have a 13 to 17 year cycle of coming out of the ground. Last time they were here was in 2004. I was still living in NYC so I didn’t have the pleasure of them. Now, I do.

Entomologists (bug doctors) are saying that they will feed the environment and are good for your pets and for you to eat. Say what now? Why would I eat that?Β They also do not bite or sting peopleΒ or other animals. Umm, that’s great news – one less insect transmitted illness to worry about. But, why do we have to see them?


Disclaimer: I own no rights to the photos. I did a Google search for them.


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  1. I’ve never seen them that big but then what I saw might not have actually been a cicadas. They have a strange and macabre fascination for me too. Reminds me of “The Fly” that movie with Vincent Price. Ultimately I’m with you T.T., UGH!

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      1. They’re freaky! 😳
        I was driving along one afternoon, had my windows down. All of the sudden, in flies this beast and lands on my chest. I glanced down and saw this thing that looked like it could be cast in a Godzilla movie. I freaked out, swerved my truck, then had to stop and get out. I didn’t get back in til I was certain it was gone. I have no idea if they sting or not, but I sure as hell wasn’t gonna find out! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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  2. I always wonder from time to time when they are supposed to come back so thank you. What’s the difference between locusts and secadas? And is it locus or secadas that leave a shell? I’m confusing my bugs.

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  3. What!? Just look at those cute little orange eyes! It kept quiet for over a decade before being noisy for a few short weeks. It’s not like they invade your bed, eat your clothes or house, or sting you when you bother them.
    As for eating, I think anyone that would palate a cricket would go for a cicada.

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  4. Eek! Me no likey! Honestly, never heard of them before. I do remember encountering some big bugs when I lived in Savannah, GA. No idea what they looked like; I didn’t hang around!

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    1. It’s a process. You have to read and engage with other bloggers, write quality posts and make sure your key words matter. Don’t use more than 15 key words or no one can find your post.


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