Welcome July

Yay! It’s a new month. We’re 7 months into a new year and have you accomplished your goals? How are you doing with your goals? It’s never too late to start crossing some things off your list. Be unstoppable!

The summer heat is raging on in the Washington, DC area. My hair and humidity are not friends. I am growing out my hair and I am trying not to head to the salon and ask her to chop it all off. Ugh!

My goals this month are simple. I am working on finishing 4 books this month along with taking Munch to the circus. He’s going to be ecstatic. Trying to get to the beach later this month, but other than that I am working away. I’m good. I’m in a place of peace. Working on a happier and health me.

So, I wish you hot days with cool nights. The sound of the waves lapping at your feet.  I wish you plenty of fireworks both literally and figuratively.  I wish you cold ice cream on hot days and no humidity. I wish you time spent with BBQ’s, family and friends. I wish you nothing but the best for this awesome month.




  1. I can so relate with the heat and natural hair 😣😣 I can’t seem to maintain any of my favourite styles anymore it’s so discouraging. Keep up with your transition you won’t regret it. Great post

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  2. July is the peak of ‘wet’ season in my country. Obviously DC weather is different from Lagos weather, so I can hardly relate to the heat… May be till much later in the year!

    For now, it is raining so much here you don’t want to get out from home. But one had to go where he has to go, so we braze it!

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  3. The rain here is much. We do have up to 6 months of serious rainfall in the southern part of the country, although it is spatial in the northern part due to proximity to the Sahara desert.
    We are a tropical country, so naturally our weather is like that of a typical country in the tropics.

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