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Comeback Advice


It’s Friday! If you woke up this morning and you’re reading this…Be Grateful. There are those that didn’t wake up and further those that would kill to be in your position. Life’s rough. We all have setbacks that are setups for a comeback. Are you working on your comeback or are you still settling in your setback?

Trust that everything happens for a reason. Although we may not understand it in the middle of all the chaos,I promise that if you get up and get moving you can make it another day. Isn’t that what we all want? To make it through another day? To pull ourselves out of the funk and keep going?

Do it. There’s nothing like the present. You can only change how you deal with things.

I’ve been consumed by the drama before. Letting it affect and stress me the hell out. I am deciding not to do it. To get out of my own way and create my own peace in the chaos. And you know what? I have that right and so do you.

Let me tell you that sometimes all you can do in the middle of a storm is yell out “Not today Satan. My faith is rooted in the ONE who promised me victory.” Really, that’s all you can do. You can’t let the pain of your situation embed deep in your soul and destroy the very fabric of who you are. You are amazing. You are worth more than the bulls*it that people throw at you.

You are pretty darn awesome! Focus on moving forward. Your comeback is greater than your struggle. You have to trust that in everything that you do there is a season and you have to trust that the season you may find yourself in right now, will not always stay the same.


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