2018 address appreciate celebrating Easter holiday

Welcome April

It’s April 1st. We made it to the second quarter of 2018. It’s also Easter and April Fool’s Day what are the odds of that?


Have you set your second quarter goals yet? Have you started to think about your vacation plans or summer camp or college if your children are graduating soon? It can all be overwhelming but I want to encourage you to remember to put God above all plans that you made today and each day going forward. I know that our list of To Do’s can always get long, but we have to stay focused. I’m thankful for each and everyone of you and I pray that you have an amazing second quarter at an amazing Easter!

Want to keep in touch? You can find me on social media at the following links: Twitter @mskeeinmd, Facebook page A Thomas Point of View and my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/mskeeinmd/.


  1. Thank you Tikeetha and a very happy Easter to you. I don’t specifically have any goals, but I do have a plan to visit the city of York for my birthday. I’ll be spending 4 night and 3 days in the city and I’m well excited. Take care and happy April. xx

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  2. Now that you mentioned it I should set my 2nd quarter’s goals *wink. Although I have a few items on my list. Happy Easter Tikeetha. Wishing you and your family a beautiful April.

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